I'm sick

My throat is killing me and my nose is running like a faucet. Gross huh? Yea, I am pretty sick. I have been drinking tea and eating soup like crazy because the only time my throat doesn't hurt is when I am ingesting warm liquid. 

This is of course the worst week to get sick. I have 5 presentations at work and 1 in a class for school. Miserable. Yesterday I had to cut my 2 presentations a little short because after like 35 mins. I simply couldn't handle talking anymore.... it hurt so bad!! 

I will be taking a blogging hiatus until recovery since I just feel like laying around when I'm not at work (which I barely got through yesterday!)

I hope everyone is having a good week and staying healthy!!!


20 degree drop?!

Hi friends! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! I dunno what is happening by you all , but the weather here is CRAZY! Thursday and Friday it was BEAUTIFUL: sunny and in the 40's. Today I wake up to a high of 20! At least it is still sunny out :)

Thursday after work I headed to the gym for another run. And guess what...no pain at all! It felt amazing. I wasn't sore at all yesterday either and am planning another run for this afternoon! I'm basically using the Galloway 5K training program. I am kind of shifting around my rest day (or days sometimes!) based on my schedule. Mainly my rest days will probably be Thursdays since starting now I will have work 7:30-4:30 and then run to class until 8:30pm! I was considering doing a 5K that is in mid April here, but haven't registered since I wanted to see how my training goes esp. with the initial pain I had! After another week or 2 if everything is going well I will sign up!! :)

After the gym on thursday I came home and made a new recipe! Spinach and artichoke lasagna!

makes an 8x8 casserole size:
-1/2 lb. whole wheat lasagna noodles
-pasta sauce (I just used the remainder of an already opened jar in the fridge...it was a little over 1/2 full)
-about 1 c. Mozz cheese [I think I might have dumped some extra on the top :)]
-5 oz. of frozen spinach (defrosted, dried and shopped)
- 5 oz. of canned artichoke heats diced
-1/2 of a ricotta cheese tub (I can't remember what size it was! haha)
-1 egg

cook lasagna noodles

while noodles are cooking mix together ricotta cheese, egg, spinach and artichokes

lightly grease an 8x8 casserole dish and then assemble! I first did a layer of sauce then noodles, then spinach mixture then noodles then sauce then shredded cheese and repeated! I then cooked it for about 35 mins. in a 350 degree oven.

Finished product:
I had one small piece with some garlic toast. And then went back for seconds! IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!

Friday morning I woke up and decided to do some yoga! I did a free 20 min. Gentle hatha yoga session from yoga download. It was such a nice and relaxing way to start my day! After that I made this little tower for b-fast:

2 Cinnamon whole grain waffles with 1 chopped banana and some pecans topped with a little light syrup. And some coffee :) These wafs. were pretty good. I liked the little hint of cinnamon in them!

Lunch on fri. was another new creation. I started off using this boxed rice mix I got some time ago.
While it was cooking I sauteed a chopped zucchini, some onion and some spinach in a pan. I then mixed it all together and topped with some parm. This was pretty good...a bit salty, but overall not bad for a boxed mix.And for dessert:OMG YUM! I loved this bar!
Then it was off to class for 3 hrs. Tons o' fun...
After class I snacked on an apple.
For dinner last night I met up with some of my sorority sisters! We went to Fionn MacCools Irish Pub! I got a cod sandwich and had one of my most FAVORITE drink combos ever a Snakebite! These are mainly only served at Irish pubs, but I have asked for the combo elsewhere too! It is 1/2 Harp and 1/2 Strongbow cider. AMAZING! It is a bit sweeter than a regular light beer, but def. not overpowering. I Totally recommend it!! :)

This morning I had a simple bowl of kashi and tried this tea:
It was OK. I wish it had a stronger lemony flavor. I added a little bit of honey which seemed to bring out more flavor, but it mainly tasted like warm flavor and a TINY hint of lemon.
Today's agenda includes more apt. searching with fiance and a trip to the gym! Have a fabulous Saturday!



...Humpday! This work week is happily flying by since I had monday off! Yesterday after work I snacked on this on my way to the gym:

This was my first time having the berry pomegranate flavor. These bars taste like 2 mini z-bars to me. The berry flavor was pretty good and almost reminded me of a breakfast muffin or something. Overall I give it a thumbs up and would eat it again.

At the gym I was finally able to try out my New Kicks! They were awesome! So much support and I felt like I was running on air. (well not completely, but you get the idea!)

Dinner was a healthy version of a burger and fries! Turkey burger with sweet potato fries!
turkey burgers (makes 4 patties)

-1 lb. turkey
-1/4 onion diced
-1 tbsp. mustard
-1 tsp. garlic salt
-2 tsp. italian seasoning
-pepper to taste

we cooked our on the grill and I topped mine with a slice of swiss cheese spinach and ate it on a whole wheat bun with some spicy mustard.

I loved this flavor combo! YUMO!

For brekkie this morning I tried the kashi cinnamon harvest cereal. It was DELISH! A perfect amount of cinnamon with great texture. I loved it! I don't know what happened...the photo is no where to be found. Possibly I simply forgot to take one?

Lunch was a work meeting at applebees. I had a soup and salad combo! French onion soup and oriental chicken salad. I love the bees!

Now I am just working away. I am totally behind from going to my seminar for 2 days last week and having monday off! I have a pecan pie larabar to eat soon to help me through the next few hrs. of work! Have a good weds!


CHEAP finds

HI ALL! I'm seriously finally back. I promise! :)

This weekend fiance and I ended up driving to Evansville, IN to visit one of our friends from college (he is also a groomsman in our wedding!) After graduation he moved out to California so we had to take the opportunity to visit him when he was at home seeing his family.

Yesterday I had the day off from work! My sister and I went to look at invitations and have her measured for her bridesmaid dress!


My mini business cards compliments of Foodbuzz!! They are so adorable and have a variety of veggies on the back! These are my favorites:
Yesterday after running wedding errands with my sis Idid a little shopping and found some great foodie deals! I first stopped at Big Lots looking for glasses. Fiance got these awesome blue glasses there when he first moved to Indianapolis last may and we want another box! However if you have ever been to big lots you know that they don't always stock the same stuff so I go back and check to see if they have them as often as possible. So far it has been very unseccessful! While wandering around there I ended up looking through the food section and look what found:
Bear Naked Banana Nut Granola for $2.80!! That is way cheaper than my regular grocery store!
Stash Lemon and White tea for $2.00!! (also much cheaper!)
After that I stopped at Target since Kashi was on sale! Cereal was 2/$5 and these bars were I believe around $2.60?
Cinnamon Harvest
Go Lean Crunch: Honey Almond Flax
And Raspberry Chocolate bars

In general Target seemed to have some awesome things on sale and clearance right now! I love shopping their clearance sections and I found some fabulous finds yesterday! I got work pants for $5, shoes for $6 and a new purse for $12! I also finally got my gel arch inserts that I am planning on trying out at the gym after work today. I will finally be getting back into my 5K training program!

For breakfast this morning I had a bowl of the Honey Almond Flax with a sliced banana. This cereal was REALLY good! I loved the giant chunks! It had awesome flavor and was sweet enough, but not overpowering.
I also had a cup of my new lemon and white tea with a tiny bit of honey.

I will do my very best to get back to regular blogging! This past week was just crazy with my 2 day work seminar, my classes starting and being out of town this weekend!
I really wish I could be home watching the inauguration all day long! Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!!!


Investment in Excellence

Hi bloggers! The past 2 days I attended all day seminars for work. They were FASCINATING! The two seminars were put on by The Pacific Institute . One was about success strategies that corresponds with a class our students are required to take. The other was called Investment in Excellence. I want to highlight some of the main things I learned throughout the past 2 days!

The focus was on using both positive self talk and affirmations to slowly change you subconscious and achieve your goals.

Essentially human beings are programmed to be negative people. If you simply float through life you will gradually pull towards the negative since it is practically 11x more powerful than the positive!! Example: When people are constantly thinking 'why does this always happen to me?' or always say they have the worst luck. Why is this? Because they are always thinking about it! They have trained their subconscious to behave in the way that always results in bad luck!
It takes 11 positive people to overpower 1 negative person in a group!!

"You don't get what you want or deserve in life, you only get what you expect" -Bandura

This quote was powerful to me. If I expect that I won't get a better job or I won't achieve my goal then IT WON'T HAPPEN! Some people are taught to not have high expectations since they may lead to disappointments. However, if you don't have expectations then you are essentially telling your subconscious over time to sabotage opportunities that are better than your expectations!

Yesterday at the seminar we made a list of goals we want to achieve throughout 2009. We then made these goals into affirmations to read daily to slowly tell our subconscious that we can achieve them. Example: You regularly don't work out and currently tell yourself it is hard and you don't like it. Your goal is to begin working out. You then write an affirmation that says "I thrive on daily exercise because I feel healthy, strong and energetic". You read this affirmation 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening daily. Over time you are changing your subconscious to believe that this is your new normal. After this change if you don't workout you will create a dissonance in your mind since your subconscious now thinks you thrive on working out. Make sense??

Some of this was a little hard to get at first. I'm trying to explain it the best I can! At first I thought it was kind of strange and a little out there. But after they really explained how your mind works, discussed studies and had several of our Vice Presidents who have attended previously tell stories of how it actually works I was SO INTRIGUED BY IT! I am def. going to start using some of these principles in my life! Do any of you use affirmations already?

We also discussed proper goal setting, positive self talk, coaching and so much more!

The company that I work for has been sending every employee through these seminars for the past 10 years! I feel blessed to work for an organization that wants to give their employees this information. My company believe that your personal, professional and organizational lives all affect each other so it is essential to be satisfied in each of those areas to excel!

I promise to be back to regular blogging soon I just wanted to share a little bit of this with you all!


Bars to the rescue

Winter is in full force today! Freezing temps with snow flurries all morning. Yuck! At least the sun is trying to peak out!!

It was hard to get going yesterday morning. I felt like the weekend flew by and I barely got to relax!! I made myself a nice filling breakfast when I woke up. 2 whole wheat waffles topped with pecans and light syrup. I had a sliced apple on the side and a cup of coffee.

My work schedule this semester is going to be all crazy like because of my classes. Luckily my boss is super flexible with my schedule, but it still stinks! I have one class thursday evening so I can only work until 4:30 and on friday I have a class in the afternoon so I can only work like 4 hrs! Thus I have to cram the rest of my 40 hrs. into mon-weds. Yesterday and Today I am scheduled to work from 10:30-9 only getting one actual meal break around 3:30! ICK! Thus you will probably be seeing alot of these guys to keep me fueled all day during the next few months:
This is only my second larabar to ever try and I have to say I really enjoyed this flavor. Although, I'm not sure if I like larabars or clif bars more. Obviously they have different textures and flavors both of which I enjoy, but I think I need to try more larabar flavors to really decide! What are your favorite bar flavors??
For lunch at work I ate my leftover pesto tortellini pasta from Bravo with a blueberry yogurt. (sorry no pic!)
When I got home from work I warmed up the remaining fried rice from this weekend and mixed it with some romaine lettuce. Quick and filling!

This morning I woke up not too hungry. I had 1 piece of cinnamon raisin toast and a cup of coffee. I know this is a pretty small brekkie, but I just didn't really have a huge appetite.

I snacked on a banana on my way into work and have a cinnamon roll larabar on standby to eat as soon as my hunger strikes!



New Kicks

First off I want to say THANKS for the ladies who gave me some advice on my foot/ankle pain! I REALLY appreciate it since I basically have no idea being a beginning runner and all.

 Yesterday was a super busy day! After work I rushed home and had lunch:

Turkey and cheese sammy with a blueberry chobani on the side. (SO GOOD!)

After lunch fiance and I went to look at another possible townhouse (it was no good!) It is frustrating looking for a place when you have such specific location restrictions. I think I mentioned earlier that we work about an hour from each other. My office is downtown and his office will be moving like 2 suburbs outside of actual Indianapolis. Basically because of the traffic in those areas we have a fairly small location (with limited apt. options!) that would be ideal. At least we still have plenty of time to try and find something fab!

We then headed to Edinburgh with a friend to SHOP at the outlet mall!! I def. got some good finds!!!! We had dinner at Bravo.
It is a delicious Italian rest. I split a chopped salad with fiance and ordered pesto tortellini for my entree. I also had a glass of pino grigio.

We spent the evening having a few drinks and watching TV at our friends place downtown before heading home way past my bedtime!

This morning I woke up feeling slightly sick. Stuffy with a bit of a sore throat! I feel like I have been on the verge of getting sick on and off for a few weeks! It never seems to really progress, but it is annoying always having a slight sniffle!!

Fiance and I went to run a bunch more errands and stopped at Panera for lunch. I got a u pick 2 combo:
Chicken noodle soup and Turkey artichoke panini (DELISH!!)

We also bought a fresh loaf of cinnamon raisin bread there to enjoy this week! (pictures to come later!)

One of our errands was getting my NEW SHOES! Thanks to your advice along with some research I did about my foot type I bought a pair of Asics. As soon as I tried them on IT WAS AMAZING! I felt 1,000,000% more support for my arches than with my nikes I have been wearing. Plus I thought they were so cute!

I am also going to get some gel inserts for my higher arches and hope to tackle running again this week. THANKS AGAIN!  
When we got home I instantly had a piece of the raisin bread for a snack...SO YUMMY!For dinner I made a simple Frozen Veggie Quiche. 
I mainly just needed to use up the eggs before the expired. 

5 eggs
1/4 onion
1 cup frozen veggies (used broccoli, carrots and a hashbrown/pepper mixture)
1/2 cup grated cheese (I used parm. and gouda)

I put it all in a 9x9 casserole dish and cooked for 30 mins. at 350 degrees.

Here is it before going in the oven.

I had one piece along with another slice of bread :)

This was really tasty. I intentionally kept dinner a little light because I wanted to enjoy a cup of my somoa ice cream! :)

Now I am just watching the Golden Globes and will be heading to bed early before another super busy week starts. My graduate classes start again this week and I am def. NOT looking forward to it!!!

Hope you all have fab. Mondays!!


long time no talk!

Hi again! I don't know what is up with this week!! My work schedule is a little bit different now that the students are back in the building for classes and it just seems like time flew by! Hopefully next week I will be back to my regular daily posting and commenting! :)

The weather here is incredibly blah! It is a bit rainy, overcast and barely above freezing. Supposedly it is going to get colder and then just be freezing rain later on today. Sounds miserable, huh? I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't get too icy since fiance and I were planning on going to the outlet mall in Edinburgh which is about 40 mins. south of Indianapolis. I was really looking forward to doing some shopping!!

I'm not quite sure where I left off, but I'm going to start with Thursday evening. After work I went to the gym and did my first day or running on my 5K training schedule. It was awful! I did walk/run intervals for about 15 minutes b/c I was having shooting pains in my right ankle and on the top of my foot. I really think I need new shoes b/c of my knock knees I tend to put more of my weight on the inside of my foot. I also have pretty high arches. I think it is a weird combo! I have no pain in my left one....just the right. It was so bad I was practically limping around all day yesterday! I'm thinking on going to a running store and trying to get fitted for shoes that will give me the proper support I need. Anyone have any advice??

Anyways after the gym/running fiasco I went over to fiance's for dinner. Fiance really wanted to make Nathan's hotdogs. I guess they are used for hot dog eating contests or something and he claims they are the best. (very bad for you, but they tasted amazing!!) I had 1 on a whole wheat bun topped with a bit of mustard and ketchup, diced onions and pickles and some lettuce. Side dishes were green beans and some baked beans. It was all delicious!

Friday morning I had to go into work for a faculty meeting. (I don't teach any classes, but since we give LOTS of library presentations we are kind of considered faculty and staff) I was running a bit late (surprise, surprise!) so I needed a b-fast for on the go! I toasted 2 waffles and put 1/2 of a smashed banana and 1 tbsp. of creamy pb in the middle. I have seen some other bloggers eat these kind of waffle sammys before and I always kind of thought they were strange, but let me tell you.....IT WAS SO DELISH! I will def. be eating these kind of combos when I want something quick, warm and filling!
After work I was finally able to run some more errands. I made it to whole foods...the closest one to me is about 15 mins. away, but in a VERY high traffic area so I try to only go when it hopefully won't be as crowded! By the time I got there I was famished since a long meeting meant no morning snack for me. I ended up loading up on their salad bar. I was a bad blogger and forgot my camera at home, but was too hungry to wait. I ate a large mixed green salad and had some couscous mixture and pasta salad on the side. This was actually my first time actually eating at whole foods and I was very impressed!
While shopping there I found CHOBANI!!! (they were on sale too!) I was so excited because previously I had only been able to find the peach flavor (which was the only one they didn't have!) I also stocked up on bars. [I ate a choc. brownie z-bar as my lunch snack on the drive home :)]
I spent the afternoon lounging around resting my ankle/foot napping and reading. It felt so good to just relax after having a busy week.Later, I snacked on a dented blueberry yogurt topped with some granola. Weird lighting...sorry!For dinner I used this:I got it in the frozen section at Wal-mart and thought it looked like a good veggie combo!
I sprayed a pan with some olive oil and then heated about a cup of this mixture up. I added a tiny bit of soy sauce for a bit more flavor. I served some 'fried rice' on the side. I think this was a rice a roni mix? Amyway I cooked it up and then added a scrambled egg to it.
This morning I had to come into work for a few hrs. again. (told you it has been a crazy schedule week!)
For breakfast I made an egg and cheese sammy on a whole wheat bagel with apple slices on the side. And of course coffee x 2!

Fiance and I are having some trouble trying to figure out honeymoon plans! My parents own timeshare points that can be used at any Wyndham vacation resort. They have graciously offered to let us use a week of points for our honeymoon! We had originally wanted to stay at the resort in Windsor, CA in Sonoma County however it was all booked. We are now looking at other places! We debated on going to Hawaii, but It would be quite a lot of traveling time since we will be flying in and out of Chicago. We have also debated on Las Vegas (the resort is BEAUTIFUL there and a little bit off the strip...I stayed there with some girlfriends for spring break my sr. year of college) or Edisto Island which is by Charleston in South Carolina. I'm not too concerned with where we go since I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit. My fiance hasn't really done much vacationing here in the U.S. so he's up for almost anywhere. Do you guys have any good ideas??
Have a good Saturday!


Use your imagination.

Hi lovelies! I was all set to update my blog this AM at work, but couldn't seem to locate my camera! I must have left it at home! Well since my eats have def. not been all that exciting I will just update sans photos....use your imagination ladies :)

Yesterday for breakfast I had a delicious bowl of my regular oatmeal. Lunch was a tuna wrap with an apple on the side. At work I popped some popcorn for a snack and also ate a choc. chip z-bar later. Dinner was leftover chicken corn chowder. See I told you! BORING!

Now, my girl K asked what kind of waffles I eat! Currently I am enjoying Kellogg's Eggo Nutri-Grain Low Fat Whole Wheat waffles...mainly since they were on sale at the grocery store! I'm all about a bargain :) I also got these, but haven't tried them yet. I have pretty much always eaten eggo's since I was young so I really like the flavor!

It has been snowing here in Indy ALL morning. Luckily it isn't too heavy and I'm sure it won't stick since it isn't too cold, but jeez! I'm ready for it to be spring already! I really only like snow until Christmastime and then I just find it annoying... Do any of you like winter weather?

One bit of exciting wedding news is that I have decided on my bridesmaid dresses! Ihad decided on the dress I liked a while ago, but have been debating on which color to get for like a month! I finally decided on black! And here is the dress:

It is a Morilee dress and you can see more photos of it here. I don't want to bore you all with my wedding details I was just excited to have FINALLY made a decision on this! :)

Next time I post expect more photos and hopefully some more exciting eats. Happy Humpday!


A BIG one.

I'm Back!! Sorry for being MIA over the weekend. I was a little busy, but also just feeling lazy! :)I'm just going to do a MAJOR recap of my eats...try and stick with me!

Saturday morning I made buckwheat pancakes with chopped pecans in them topped with some light syrup.

Coffee on the side of course :)After b-fast fiance and I went and looked at bunches of apts. and townhomes. I didn't really like any of them! We are looking for something affordable in a very specific area because our jobs are so far from each other. (they are like an hour from each other!) I am kinda picky about kitchens and bathrooms. A lot of the ones we looked at had super old appliances (like circa 1990!) and old looking counters and floors. It just creeps me out!! After searching around for hours I was STARVING! We picked up chinese from one of my fav. places :) This place offers brown rice as an option instead of white or fried!! I got the shrimp with broc. and an egg roll. I ate about 1/2 of everything. For dinner we went to one of our friends places! He lives downtown and has a SUPER FABULOUS apt. They are brand new and everything is so swanky. I am totally jealous! While we were prepping dinner I had a glass of red wine I also snacked on a few wheat thins and this roasted tomato dip he had made. (this is fiance's hand. He is always trying to dive into the pictures with a thumbs up and I told him he could only be in this one if he held a cracker!)

Dinner was saltine crusted steak! I'm not really sure what the actual name was for this, but it was pretty tasty. You take a certain cut of steak (once again I have no idea what it was!) coat it in an egg was and then dip it in smashed saltines. You first pan fry it for a few minutes and then finish cooking in the oven. I'm sure it was horrible for me, but it tasted good! On the side was some saffron risotto.
After dinner we watched some of the colts/chargers game and then headed out to a bar. I only had 1 bud light to drink while we were out! It took me forever to finish it, I just didn't really feel like drinking!
Sunday morning I woke up and made a light breakfast of a whole wheat bagel with mixed berry cream cheese.
On the side I had 1/2 of a pear and a cup of coffee. Afterwards to did some laundry and a little cleaning. I snacked on a few pistachios while fiance put some meat in the dehydrator to make beef jerky.
Here he is flipping some of the pieces.

We then set out to look at more apts. I was determined to find something good! We went to a handful of places and found something amazing!! The outsides of the buildings look a little shady, but I am so happy we went inside!! The townhomes all have stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors in the kitchen/dining area, new counter tops and an accent brick wall for UBER cheap! The woman said they don't become available too often, but hopefully since it is pretty early we will have a good shot!
After that we came home and made sammys for lunch.
Mine had turkey, cheese and pickles on it. I had 1/2 a pear and some chips on the side.

During the afternoon I snacked on a few pieces of fiance's home-made jerky. It was DELISH!
I wanted dinner to be light and easy. I microwaved a sweet potato and topped it with some mozz. cheese and a bit of TJ's plain greek yogurt.
I had a small side salad with it.

And for dessert I had to have some of this:

I have been craving ice cream and when I saw this on sale I just HAD to buy it! At first I was confused as to what it was because when I was in Girl Scouts they were called CARMEL DELIGHTS! What happened?!?!
Anyways it was SO good! Perfect flavor combo :)And that finally brings us to today! For b-fast I had a bowl of cinnamon puffins.Lunch was a quick pasta with diced green peppers.Topped with a little parm.

AT work ate snacks consisting of: a small blueberry yogurt, an apple and an almond crunch granola bar. It is CLEARLY not enough food to last me to 9 as it is only like 6 and my yummy is going crazy. I guess I will just have to raid the vending machines. It is hard adjusting my eating schedule when I work my crazy nights!
Sorry this was a GIGANTIC post! I hope I didn't loose you all ;)