Bad news bears!

We had to go to a sports bar to watch the Bears game today. Living in Indianapolis, the bears game isn't on TV when the colts are playing at the same time. SO when it isn't on TV we have to go to a special Sports Bar that shows the games. While we were watching the game I had 2 Michelob Ultras. They were the best option of the beers they had there. [2.6g carbs and 95 cals. each] Sadly the bears lost....by A TON! Oh well, there's always next week :) When I got home I ate a piece of whole wheat toast with some strawberry preserves. 

For dinner Fiance made some grilled chicken with broccoli and cheesy rice. I only ate about 1/2 of the chicken, but all of everything else. I have a HUGE weakness for carbs. I love pasta, rice, couscous, EVERYTHING! I try to portion it out, but I just can't resist sometimes :)
And for dessert I just ate a frozen Reese's cup. I love frozen candy...it just makes it a much tastier treat :)
Now I am relaxing until the Girl's Next Door is on tonight!! Have a good one :)

Sunday, Sunday!

For Breakfast I had a bowl of strawberries and cream oatmeal with a cut of banana in it. :)
After breakfast fiance and I went to the gym, but I accidently forgot my gym shoes...oops! I did some ab work and then just swam some laps while he worked out. 

For lunch we made low fat all beef hot dogs. We ate them on whole wheat buns and I had some cut of pickles and onions on mine with ketchup and mustard. They were actually pretty good! One the side I had some canned pineapple chunks. 
For dessert I had a spoonful of peanut butter. 
Now we are off to run some errands and go watch the Bears game at a sportsbar!

Saturday afternoon/evening

Yesterday after work on my way to graduation I ate a Cliff bar to hold me over until I have time to eat a full lunch. 

 After graduation I went to a sportsbar with fiance and one of his friends to eat. I was STARVING so I inhaled my food before I really thought to take a picture. I got a veggie wrap which had grilled red and green peppers, black beans, lettuce and some ranch. It came with chips and a pickle. It was SO good! I would definitely get it again :) We also split a pitcher of blue moon while we there. Afterwards we went back to fiances and had some more drinks! I had a glass of this red wine (from a local winery)

And a woodchucks hard apple cider. Hard apple cider is one of my FAVORITE things to drink! I got really into it when I was studying abroad in Europe. I just think it has great flavor. This brand was pretty good, but my favorite is Strongbow.