Weekend recap:

The Indy wine trail consists of 7 wineries throughout the greater Indianapolis area. When you visit a winery you can have your passport stamped. On Saturday Fiance and I went to the 2 remaining wineries that we needed stamps from!
At your final winery when you turn in your passport you get a free wine glass:I LOVE it! It says indy wine trail on the front and has the names of all the wineries on the back. While out and about fiance and I bought 3 bottles of wine which we desperately needed to fill up our brand new wine rack we got!! Yay! We bought this on sale at bed bath and beyond! :)

As I mentioned earlier we had been planning to go to bonefish grill for dinner. However, when I called to make reservations they said the were COMPLETELY BOOKED! We ended up making a reservation for Sunday night.

So instead dinner featured this new buy:
Fiance grilled up some skirt steak and we had pitas! Mine also had some sauteed carrot strips and onions as well as a tiny bit of mozz. cheese.

Sides were the kashi moroccan curry (which I REALLY liked, but fiance said: 'it just smells too weird to eat'...ha!) and a spinach salad with light italian dressing.Sunday morning I slept in....YAY! For breakfast I made a fruit bowl with a diced apple and bananaAnd an egg sammy with cheese and ham on a whole wheat bagel.Then we went out to run a bunch of errands and I FORGOT my camera! :( Sadly this is where my pictures end for Sunday. I ended up eating some veggie lo mein for lunch. Snacking on a kashi raspberry choc. bar and then having dinner at Bonefish! At Bonefish I got the bang bang shrimp tacos which were spicy, but really good!!! I have one leftover so you will probably see it in the next 2 days :)
This morning I made a bowl of oats topped with some pecans.

It is like almost 60 degrees out today....YAY!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for this week to be done:
Mon: 11-9, work
Tues: 11-9, work
Weds: 7:30-5:30, work.
Thurs: 7:30-4:30, work
5:30-8:30, class
Fri: 8-12:30, work
1:15-4:15, class
Then.....3 day weekend!!!!!!!! Yes, that's right president's day is a paid holiday for my office :)
Plus, Confessions of a Shopaholic comes out on Friday! omg. I LOVE these books. I have read the entire series twice and own all 5 books. EEK. I'm so excited and am hoping to go and see it with my sister this weekend!