Fingers crossed.

Afternoon! I hope everyone is having a good Monday. Today I am working from 7:30-4:30. So far the day has flown by, but now I am finished with most of my projects and feel like time is CRAWLING! AT least I just have work tomorrow and then it's Christmas Vacation for 5 days! :) I am a little bummed since I was planning on heading home tomorrow night, but the weather looks like it is going to be miserable for the whole day! :( I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be as bad as they are forecasting!!

This weekend was extremely busy and productive! I got all of my Christmas shopping and wrapping done! I watched 2 of my favorite Christmas movies and made some festive treats to take home(see below)! I also had to work Sat. morning, went out to celebrate a friends birthday on Fri. and went to dinner on sat. at a SUPER nice steak place Morton's! Fiance and I used a $100 gift card that I got when I purchased my new car back in Sept. It was SO yummy! I got a chopped salad and ordered the bacon wrapped scallop appetizer as my dinner.

This morning was FREEZING! The wind chill was minus multiple degrees. I thought my hands were going to freeze off. I made a nice yummy bowl of oatmeal to get me going. I made the reg. oats with 1 banana in them and topped it with:
brown sugar
TJ's pumpkin spice granola
4 blackberries
Luckily there is a thermostat in the Lib. I can control so when I got there I cranked it up to get nice and toasty. At around 10 I ate some cinnamon puffins for a snack. These are SO good. I picked them up at the store on Friday and have snacked on them everyday over the weekend! For lunch I made a toasty sandwich. It had turkey lunch meat a piece of swiss cheese and some mustard on it all warmed up in the toaster oven @ work! It is one of the toaster/toaster oven combos and I feel it heats up and burns extra fast. I think I have finally got the hang of it!I had an apple on the side and a choc. chip z-bar as dessert!

Now I am just counting down the hrs. until 4:30 when I will head home to pack, then go to the gym and relax the rest of the evening :)