Holiday recap.

GOOD MORNING! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! Mine was fun, but SUPER busy! Fiance and I have basically been going non stop since Christmas Eve! I don't have pictures for everything, but let me give you a quick recap:
After lunch on weds. we lounged around my parent's house spending time with my siblings!

I enjoyed a nice cup of french vanilla coffee :)For dinner on Christmas eve my family has a tradition to eat finger foods and appetizers! I cant remember when this started, but we have been doing it for years!! Here is the spread:Here is my plate: shrimp, pigs in a blanket, tuna salad finger sammy, fresh peppers, 2 spinach and veggie mini quiches and 2 swedish meatballs! I also had a glass of white wine.
After dinner we headed to church then came back and opened all of our presents!! I got some great things :)

Christmas morning finace and I woke up and headed out to his mom's house. Before leaving I had a quick b-fast of some cherry coffee cake and 1 banana. (on a christmas plate!!!!) I also had a cup of coffee.
here is pretty much where the pictures end! OOPS!!!!! After opening presents at my future mother-in-laws we headed to fiance's aunt and uncle's house for a few hours then over to my aunt and uncles. We stayed christmas night at my future mother in laws in a Chicago suburb in IL. (all of my extended family lives over there too) Friday we did a little shopping, lunched with fiance's siblings and then headed to dinner and christmas celebrations at my grandpa's. We got home pretty late last night and have lots of plans for today! This morning we are heading over to the reception site to look at the room we will be having the reception in. (it was still under some construction when we booked it) We will also be shopping at the outlet mall some and running other errands. The weather is strange here very warm and rainy!?! Strange for December. I will do my best to take more food pics today!! 

Happy Saturday!!!!