The Fresh Market

Hi there! While I was working away I ate a z-bar as a snack. 

After work I went to run errands. I had to go to campus and get some stuff from the bookstore. I am taking my graduate classes at IUPUI which has terrible parking! While I was trekking across campus in the FREEZING cold I decided that I needed a warm drink so I stopped at Caribou Coffee in the campus center and got a nonfat mint chocolate coffee. It was actually cheaper and better tasting than Starbucks! I wish there were more Caribou's around! Isn't the cup adorable!?!
After errands on campus I sopped at a few stores and went to the Fresh Market grocery store. It is like a fancy Whole Foods. I normally prefer to do some shopping at Whole Foods since they have a wider selection, but it is farther from my house and the Fresh Market is like 2 mins. away! They have some really nice stuff there and I found these mini asparagus! I just had to get some and use them for lunch. 
After running my errands I was STARVING! I made a simple meal of couscous with chicken and some reduced fat colby jack cheese as well as roasted asparagus. I drizzled some olive oil over the asparagus and topped with some salt and pepper, then roasted them in the oven for around 10 mins at 450 degrees. It was very satisfying!! :)


Good morning! It was so nice to just be able to lounge around last night! This morning I am off to work for a few hours. Since I was out of the office for all of weds, thurs and fri I need to catch up on a few things especially since next week is a short week! For break fast this am I had oatmeal with a banana and some cinnamon sprinkled on top as well as a cup of coffee. I like using this mug because then I only have to drink 1 cup, but it is large enough to get me going! (plus it was free from my last apt. complex!)

It was COLD this am!!! I had frost all over my car and had to bust out my really thick mittens! Winter has for sure arrived! After work I am going to run some errands and do some shopping to prepare for my upcoming mini vacation! For Thanksgiving I am going with Fiance's whole family to FLORIDA! His grandparents live in Ft. Lauderdale and were nice enough to pay for all of their kids and grandchildren (and me!) to fly down there and stay in hotels! (WOO WOO!) It will be so nice to get away and enjoy some warm weather with his fam. for the holiday!