Card reader

So sorry for my absence, but I had temporarily lost this guy:

MY CARD READER! I really only use this to upload pics. to my computer and couldn't find it since tuesday afternoon! Luckily after finally having some time tonight to look through piles of clutter I found it :) 

To update everything for the last 3 days I would have to write a MAJORLY long post so I'm just starting at this morning :)
Breakfast was a bowl of cereal with a sliced banana. This actually did a pretty good job of keeping me full...almost 4 hrs! Normally after eating cereal I am hungry in like an hr.  I ate a kashi bar to hold me over until lunch which was some pasta salad:

I had about 1c. of whole wheat noodles with chopped broccoli and carrots with some italian dressing. I topped it all with some parm cheese. This was VERY satisfying and super easy to make! 

After work I snacked on an apple on my way to class.
since I was feeling VERY tired today I decided to treat myself to a caribou coffee. I got a medium vanilla northern lite latte

Just what I needed :)

So as I was looking through my pics over the past few days I realized how EXCITED I am to get new dishes as wedding presents! My pics are taken on a variety of different dishes since I eat with fiance a lot and also use mine and my roommate's collection of various non-matching dishes. Fiance and I registered for these dishes. I have been wanting white square dishes for YEARS and can't wait! 

We are getting married August 8th which feels like it is far away, but not really when I think of all the things I have to do still! I have been using theknot.com which gives you great checklists, a budgeter and other tools to utilize during the planning process. I just logged in tonight and it says: 170 days until the wedding, 186 items left on my to-do list....YIKES!! haha.

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY....YAY!!!! What are you doing this weekend?