Good evening friends! I have been freezing almost all day long and am finally all snugly and warm in pj's on the couch! :) 

For snacks at work I tried a Fage with honey. I don't know what it was, but I really didn't like this flavor combo. I topped it with some granola and really only had the bites with the granola. I also ate some fresh raspberries on the side.  The college I work at has a culinary program so I get to read a bunch of fun food magazines on my lunch break for free :)

Since I didn't eat much of the Fage I was still pretty hungry so I had a Kashi pumpkin spice flax bar. It actually comes with 2 bars in the package so it seems a bit more filling. I really enjoyed this flavor!
When I got home form work I used leftover taco stuff to make a salad. I topped some lettuce with the ground turkey with some shredded cheese and a dollop of light sour cream. On the side I had a little bit of spanish rice and some leftover guac. It was good and filling! 

Now I am just relaxing, catching up on blogs and watching some tv. Tomorrow I am planning to make it to the gym early and then work on a BIG paper I have due this weekend! Have a good night! :)

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

It is snowing!!!!!! I love the holiday season and don't mind a little bit of snow. In Indianapolis we have a much milder winter than where I am originally from in Northern Indiana. I used to live right off of Lake Michigan so we almost always got a good amount of lake effect snow. Just a week or so ago my mom said that they got like 6 inches up there! eek.

For lunch I tried a new creation: Pumpkin Pasta!

I used whole wheat pasta and mixed it with pumpkin sauce! To make the sauce I first cooked 1 clove of garlic minced in about a 1 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil. I then added a giant scoop of canned pumpkin and a ladle full of the starchy water I was cooking my pasta in to thin the pumpkin. I cooked for a while longer to warm and then tossed the pasta with the sauce. I really loved the pumpkin flavor in combination with some olive oil and garlic, but I think next time I will try making it using chicken stock instead of water to add even more flavor!

On the side I had a small salad with carrot chips and some light ranch. On my way to work I ate a chocolate chip z-bar as dessert! I didn't really eat any bars on vacation so I have been missing them like crazy!!

While I was at the grocery store this AM I found STEVIA! After reading about it in the blogging world I had been looking for it in a few different stores and found this kind made by Sugar in the Raw that wasn't too expensive. I brought along a few packets to use when I have coffee at work which I am planning to do this afternoon since it is FREEZING in the library!

Hope everyone has a wonderful afternoon/evening!!

Monday, Monday...

Last night I didn't really ever end up eating anything else. My stomach kind of felt icky so I only had a glass of tea with a splash of milk and some honey. Isn't this cup cute? My parents got it for me when they went on vacation to New Orleans.  

Since I didn't really eat last night I woke up STARVING! I ate a whole wheat english muffin. 1 side had peanut butter on it and on the other I put pecan pumpkin butter. I also had a cut up banana along with it and a small glass of milk.