din din

I ate dinner with my fiance tonight!! His FAVORITE food is pizza (we tend to eat it alot!) Tonight we got a pizza from Donatos which is one of my favs! They make a thin crust with mucho pepperonis on it! yummy. With the pizza I had a side salad using a bagged spring mix salad with a litte bit of cheesy ranch dressing.

Lunch on the go!

So when I was done with work I ate a quick lunch in my car! I had a turkey and cheese sammy with mustard on whole grain bread with some carrot chips and a blueberry yogurt. It was the kroger brand (cheap grocery store kind!) but was surprisingly pretty good! I also chugged my nalgene. try to drink a good amount of water to even out the daily coffee and diet coke :)

After lunch I worked on hw in the library for almost 3 hrs and then had to go to class for 3 more hrs...ick!! Right before class I had a nature valley granola bar which comes with 2 bars in one pack...SCORE! I think these are really good, but since they are so hard they are kinda difficult to eat without being messy. I also had a Dasani plus (vitamin flavored water) It was pretty good, but a little too sweet so I didn't end up drinking it all.

Thursday morning munchies!

On Thursdays I have to be at work bright and early at 7:30am. (I always need a larger cup of coffee on thurs!) I made my regular oatmeal but included some leftover canned peaches for my fruit. I also added a little cinnamon on the top for extra flavor since I added in more plain oats. Today I will be leaving work early (1:30pm) and not eating lunch until then. Since I will be eating a slightly later lunch I wanted my breakfast to last a bit longer!!

For a mid morning snack (about 10:45) I ate a 'high fiber chewy bar' These are simply Aldi's cheaper version of a Fiber One bar. These are some of my favorite granola bars. They are really chewy and have great flavor PLUS 35% of my daily fiber needs :) I also had my diet coke.