Wintry mix!

I am SO excited! Today is my last day of work until next Monday and tomorrow is Christmas eve! I don't know what it is, but I honestly feel like time is flyin' these days! Wasn't it JUST T-giving?? Oh well I love Christmas :) I am religiously checking weather.com and seriously doubt we will be able to go home this evening. If we can't make it home fiance and I will just enjoy a nice relaxing evening in with some wine to celebrate out mini vacation! We HAVE to enjoy this since neither of us can use ANY vacation days until the wedding/honeymoon in August. Ugh, it seem like forever away!

Yesterday after work I jetted home to finish my packing just in case we were able to leave right after work today. I snacked on 1/2 of a whole wheat wrap with some salsa and mozz cheese which I zapped in the micro for about 20 sec.

I used Newman's own chunky roasted garlic salsa. Love this flavor!Dinner was leftovers: Kasespaetzle. (trying to use up food!) I also had some roasted asparagus on the side topped with a tiny bit o' salt and black pepper.For dessert I had 2 candy cane joe-joe's from TJ's. UMMMM...wowza! These are SO delish. The minty center goes perfect with the choc. cookie. And as fiance said "wow, those are more like double stuff then regular oreos!"

Breakfast this AM was a bowl of cinnamon puffins with 1 banana. I got to work early at around 7:10 (there was like NO traffic...everyone must already be on vacation!) I am planning to take a shorter lunch so hopefully I can be outta here by 3:45 at the latest to avoid the horrible wintry mix conditions coming later this afternoon. We have a freezing rain advisory in Indianapolis. ICK!
Happy Tuesday, which actually is like FRIDAY for those of us still working :)