New year!

Happy New Year's Eve! I'm just working away for a few more hrs. and am then speeding home to finish preparations for tonight! My roommate and I are actually having a party at our house so there has been lots of cleaning, organizing and prepping to have a full house!

Yesterday after work I went home to do some of said cleaning. We have hardwood floors that no matter how often you sweep there is always dust in the corners of a room!! While cleaning I worked up an appetite! I snacked on 1 ryvita cracker
And some dried pineapples. After cleaning I went to dinner at Qdoba with Fiance. I LOVE it here and rarely go since they give you so much food. I got a chicken burrito.
I asked for only a little bit of rice and got black beans, corn salsa and a little bit of cheese on it.
I ate about 3/4 and then just picked at some of the inside stuff.
Breakfast this morning was a nice full bowl of oats topped with pecans, some brown sugar and tj's pumpkin spice granola.
With coffee in a to go cup!My oatmeal actually kept me full for a pretty long time. I just snacked on some pistachios to hold me over until lunch!
I can't believe that tomorrow is 2009! Time flies when you're having fun I guess :) Have a fabulous rest of the day and stay safe tonight!