giant watermelon

So today for lunch I made a green pepper and black bean wrap. It was DELICIOUS! I cut up 1/2 of a very large green pepper and cooked that with 1 minced clove of garlic in some olive oil. I didn't cook it for too long because I like my veggies to still have a crunch when I eat them. I also put black beans and some cheese into my wrap.
With the wrap I had a juicy piece of watermelon! It was apparently too big for the plate which I didn't notice until now :)And for dessert I had a mini mint dark chocolate 3 musketeers. Mint and chocolate is one of my FAVORITE combos!
At work I just ate a whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese. It was a good sized bagel so I'm hoping it keeps me full until 9! Have a good night bloggers! :)


Hi there! Sorry for no update last night...I was exhausted and being lazy :) So here is the update starting from snacks at work:

I found these individual soups at the grocery store and at only 100 calories each I thought they would be a good snack for work! This one was the cheddar broccoli flavor and it was ok. Nothing fabulous, but I would probably eat it again.

Along with the soup I had 2 ryvita crackers. I LOVE these! I have the sesame rye ones and can't wait to try another kind. 
I then planned to eat these crisp pineapples, however they were NOT good. 

I only ate this handful x 2 and threw the rest away. ICK
For dinner I had a small salad with a bit of leftover chili and a piece of multi-grain toast.
For breakfast this morning I tried something new....Creamy wheat cereal. The kind I had was pretty good for you. 130 cals. per serving, 0 fat, 0 sodium, 3g protein.
I made it according to the directions:
3 tbsp. of cream of wheat
1 cup water
I added:
1 banana 
1 scoop of pecan pumpkin butter
and topped with some cinnamon
This was really good and creamy. A nice alternative to oatmeal for a warm breakfast. I also had a cup of tea with milk and honey!

This morning I will be running some errands and hopefully doing a bit of Christmas shopping before heading to work. Enjoy your day!!