...Humpday! This work week is happily flying by since I had monday off! Yesterday after work I snacked on this on my way to the gym:

This was my first time having the berry pomegranate flavor. These bars taste like 2 mini z-bars to me. The berry flavor was pretty good and almost reminded me of a breakfast muffin or something. Overall I give it a thumbs up and would eat it again.

At the gym I was finally able to try out my New Kicks! They were awesome! So much support and I felt like I was running on air. (well not completely, but you get the idea!)

Dinner was a healthy version of a burger and fries! Turkey burger with sweet potato fries!
turkey burgers (makes 4 patties)

-1 lb. turkey
-1/4 onion diced
-1 tbsp. mustard
-1 tsp. garlic salt
-2 tsp. italian seasoning
-pepper to taste

we cooked our on the grill and I topped mine with a slice of swiss cheese spinach and ate it on a whole wheat bun with some spicy mustard.

I loved this flavor combo! YUMO!

For brekkie this morning I tried the kashi cinnamon harvest cereal. It was DELISH! A perfect amount of cinnamon with great texture. I loved it! I don't know what happened...the photo is no where to be found. Possibly I simply forgot to take one?

Lunch was a work meeting at applebees. I had a soup and salad combo! French onion soup and oriental chicken salad. I love the bees!

Now I am just working away. I am totally behind from going to my seminar for 2 days last week and having monday off! I have a pecan pie larabar to eat soon to help me through the next few hrs. of work! Have a good weds!