For "dinner" (I have to eat at 3:30 @ work!!) I had a lean cuisine meal: Santa Fe style rice and beans and a side of homemade cranberry applesauce. We had an employee who was leaving today so there was a pitch in for lunch. Since I eat so late there were just a few snacks left. I had a handful of tortilla chips with salsa and 2 SMALL brownies. 

When I get home from work (9:30pm) I am always hungry again. Today I popped a bag of popcorn and had a glass of Ocean Spray Light Cranberry Juice. I try to have one glass a day!

First day of eats!

Since I didn't have to work until noon today I was able to relax at home for breakfast and an early lunch! For breakfast I had oatmeal. I used a quaker 'maple and brown sugar' instant oatmeal packet and added a few spoonfuls of plain oats. I always feel as though the packets are so small so I attempt to beef it up by adding plain oats! I always make my oatmeal with water I nuke in the microwave. I also try to add in a fruit...so today I added in a fresh cut pear :) I also had a cup of coffee to help wake me to do some hw before I had to get ready for work.

For lunch I made mini pizzas! I made them using whole wheat wraps (which are like only 50 calories a piece so I can have 2!!!) I used some pasta sauce from an open jar I had in the fridge and then some shredded moz. cheese. I also had the last little bit of fresh broccoli I had left in the fridge with some light ranch for dipping :) And OF COURSE my daily diet coke :)