Chili round 2.

Good Evening! By the time I got home from work I was STARVING! I needed food FAST so I just warmed up some leftover chili for a repeat topped with cheese and with 1/2 a whole wheat english muffin .

After that I was craving something sweet so I had a small handful of Special K chocolaty delight cereal and a tiny glass of wine. 
Now I am going to head to bed. Tomorrow I am planning on hitting the gym early and then finishing packing and getting organized for Florida! GOOD NIGHT!

Pumpkin oats

So recently I have been seeing bloggers everywhere eating pumpkin oats! As pumpkin is one of my FAVS I just had to try some for a breakfasty lunch today. Mine consisted of:

1/2 cup of oats
1 GIANT scoop of pumpkin
1 banana
1 cup water
splash of milk
cinnamon and pumpkin pie seasoning to taste

AND a cup of pumpkin flavored coffee....YUM!
The oats were pretty good, but I think next time I will use less water and more milk for a creamier taste.

I just ate some snacks here at work. I don't have pictures since I forgot to bring my camera down to the staff/faculty lounge and was too hungry to trek back up to the library before eating! I had my FIRST EVER Oikos. I tried the blueberry and was VERY impressed. It was so creamy and I loved the actual little blueberries in the bottom. I will def. be eating more of these! Along with my yogurt I had 2 ryvita crackers with some laughing cow cheese spread on them.
Work has been slightly boring! Since I came in on Saturday it seems I have gotten most of my stuff done for this week. The one main thing I was working was ordering some new books, but my boss said he wants me to hold off until December. So I will just be inching along through the next two work days dreaming about sunny and warm FL!

Egg Sammy.

Good morning! For some reason I am just dragging this am. For b-fast I made an egg sammy. I made 1 egg over easy and topped it with a slice of cheddar cheese and 2 pieces of ham lunch meat. On the side I had some pineapple chunks.

I also had a glass of berry blend V8 splash. 


This was a perfect breakfast to energize me on a Monday morning. I know I should go to the gym, but I have TONS of errands to run before I leave for FL on Thursday morning. What to do?!?!