Sunday, fun day!

Last week seemed to just fly by! I got sick on Sunday and Monday and spent the rest of the week getting ready for Hub's family to come into town for his birthday on Saturday. Sunday we made a delicious breakfast before heading off to the mall for some shopping!

I had 1 waffle (mix of whole wheat and regular mix) topped with syrup and powdered sugar with 2 turkey sausage links and some fruit. Yummy start to the day!

While shopping I stopped at forever21 to try on a few things. I loved this striped skirt, but it was a little too poofy from the side.
This red dress was just a bit too tight around my hips! I loved the color though!And what I was wearing for the day:
Top: Old Navy/ Jeans and Sandals: Target/ Purse: Kohls

While I didn't get anything from forever21 I did get a few things from the Lands End brand at Sears. I normally don't ever shop there, but they had some cute things for a great deal! I got a new bathing suit and 2 light-weight tees.

And a little clinique. I have been wanting to try this pore minimizer for a LONG time! I'll let you all know how it works! :)

I was STARVING when we got home so I put together a quick lunch of leftover pasta salad with added tuna. I used Kath's recipe found here for the pasta salad and added peas, shredded carrots and cherry tomatoes.

Plus dessert!

Later in the afternoon I went for a walk in the hot, hot heat and then did one of Kim Kardashian's new workouts from her Fit in Your Jeans by Friday series. I tried the Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt through ExerciseTV on demand and the workout wasn't bad. Lots of squatting and lunging, nothing too intense, but good for toning. The craziest part of the whole DVD was her outfit! She was wearing a pink push up bra with a cut out shirt....not what I would choose for working out, but oh well!
After a shower and getting ready, Hubs and I went to meet some work people for dinner. I forgot my camera, but I had a turkey club with sweet potato fries and 2 beers. A little bit more indulging than I was planning on for a Sunday night, but it was a really fun time!!
6am came EARLY this morning!! I was rushing around to get out of the house on time so breakfast wasn't really too great. I ended up eating a leftover donut from this weekend and getting my caffeine through a diet coke instead of coffee!!
I have a banana on hand for a health snack either this morning or afternoon.
For the rest of the day:
work until 4pm, heading home, running some errands, working out, TV TIME!


outfits and eats!

Hi all! It's Thursday...only 1 more day until it's the weekend! This morning I spent some time trying on possible outfits for my weekend in Chicago. The weather is forecasted to be steamy so I want to be cool, but also cute! Here are some possibilities!

White tank and black tiered skirt for Saturday night:

Tribal/global print dress also a possibility for Saturday night:

Striped pink dress for during the day on Saturday:

We aren't 100% sure what we will end up doing on Saturday so I will probably bring with all my options just to be safe!

After getting ready I stopped at Target on my way to work to pick up a few things for this weekend.

Diet Coke:

I worked for a few hrs...same old, same old....then ate lunch! Today I had some thin crisp crackers with veggie cream cheese and turkey.

With a banana:

Now, I'm just counting down the last 3 hrs. of work then I'm heading to get a spray tan and rushing home to finish packing! I'm already feeling a little hungry so I'll probably eat a small snack in a bit since time is CRAWLING by! ugh.....


Wednesday Wrap-up

Happy Wednesday! Luckily the week is half over and the weekend will be here before we know it. I have plans to head out of town on Friday immediately following work so I have lots of errands and packing to get done tomorrow.

This morning I SLEPT IN! I was extra tired on both Monday and Tuesday from limited sleep over the weekend and my body really needed the extra rest. While catching up on some shows saved to my DVR I had a bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares with lowfat milk for breakfast.
After basically wasting away my morning lounging around watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Kathy Griffin: life on the D-list, I finally got ready. On my way into work I grabbed a Mocha Light Frappuccino for a pick me up.
At work I am training a new AA who was recently hired to help out in the library. I'm so excited to have an AA, but training is such a pain! It is hard to constantly be with another employee and have limited time to actually get my own work done. I finally took a late lunch break and ate a mini sub sandwich (turkey and cheese) some strawberries and a diet coke.
Later in the day I snacked on some chips and salsa leftover from a co-workers baby shower we had.

I probably had this plate x2. This evening (I work until 9) I'm heading straight home to hang out with the Hubs. I need to do some laundry and start figuring out what I want to pack for this weekend. I'm having a girls weekend with some of my sorority sisters from college in Chicago! Only 2 more days of work to get through before the fun begins :)
What are you doing this weekend?


Breakfast to go

On Monday and Tuesday mornings I have to be at work between 7 and 7:15am. Since I'm not really a morning person and I have a 35min. commute, I always try to eat breakfast on the go. I like my breakfast to be quick to make, but also something I can easily eat in the car without endangering myself or other drivers on the highway! I also try to get a healthy start to my day. A Pop-Tart or Toaster Strudel may be an easy breakfast, but they are both lacking in nutrition! Here are my top two go to quick breakfasts:

1. A waffle sandwich.

This is so simple, delicious and filling! Start by toasting 2 whole wheat frozen waffles. Once they are done I just spread peanut butter on one half, jelly on the other and presto! You have a tasty breakfast easy to eat on the go. You can also mash up a banana to put inside or use other spreads like almond butter, nutella or honey if you aren't a pb&j fan.

2. Bagel and cream cheese

Self explanatory. I like wheat bagels with flavored cream cheese. (This is a honey wheat bagel with reduced fat strawberry cream cheese...yum!)

In addition to my breakfast food, I must always have a morning drink. You can most commonly find me drinking coffee to help perk me up in the early morning hours.

However, now that summer is in full swing and it is constantly hot and humid outside I normally prefer a cold drink. Either homemade iced coffee or freshly brewed green tea in my reusable cup!

I got this cup for around $7 from bed, bath and beyond and I love it! It is perfect for bringing any cold drink on the go. I have used it several times and it is holding up nicely. I definitely recommend one if you often have to eat/drink on the run.


Back on Track

It is time for me to get back on track!!


My Fabulous Life!

Hi ya'll...what's up?!? SO I know that I previously did an about me back in the day that focused on my health, but I wanted to let you know a little bit more about me!

I'm Jill and I just turned 24 at the end of May (gosh I'm getting old). I currently work full time as a librarian for a college:
please note this was a staged picture I had to take for work....I'm really not this nerdy (at least I like to think I'm not!)
In addition to working full time I am attending graduate school for my master's in library science part time. I only have a few classes left and will be finished in mid December....yes like 6.5 months away. I literally cannot wait until the time when I won't feel so guilty about lounging around watching countless hrs. of reality TV instead of doing my hw! Ah, the good life...
My reality TV obsession tends to lean away from those shows deemed semi-appropriate by society like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and the Bachelor. While I will enjoy an episode or 2 of those if they are on, I simply can't miss episodes of The Hills, Girls Next Door, whatever real world/road rules trash is on, every season of Real Housewives and I have even started watching Ice Road Truckers recently...uh, what?
AND moving on! On my more cultured side I enjoy drinking wine and traveling. During my undergrad I was able to study abroad for a semester in Germany. Where I went to college 'study abroad' was essentially code for get crazy all over Europe legally while under 21. It was honestly the best experience of my life and I can't wait to go back :)

This whole past year I have been working hard on planning a super fancy, classy wedding for the beginning of August with all of our friends and family....we will see how it goes as this is typically what happens when my fiance and I go to a party:
Gotta love those sorority/fraternity formals....plastic cups, wristbands and all!
We started dating during sophomore year of college and will have been together for a little less than 5 years when we tie the knot. He is the best thing ever and puts up with my outrageous shenanigans on a daily basis. We just recently moved in together here in Indy and so far so good. He is actually relatively clean (cleaner than me!) and likes to cook...uh, JACKPOT!!



Wonderful weekend!

So this past weekend we not only had mostly beautiful weather, but it was my birthday!!!

I was able to spend my mornings drinking tea on our new balcony:
And enjoy this awesome view: I am 100% in love with our new apt! Our balcony looks over this pretty good sized lake that has a walking path surrounding it. The path takes you right by some popular restaurants/bars (perfect for stumbling home after many drinks) and tons of shops! I love our location. Now if only I could get a job in one of those office buildings then I could simply walk to work instead of enduring my painful half hour drive downtown....oh well!

Saturday was my birthday! Fiance and I had a few friends over to celebrate. One of my girlfriends made this super impressive cake for me (it even had strawberry filling!!!) Her brother owns a dessert store so he gave her the recipe and decorating tips. I thought it was very impressive!!!
Lord knows if I tried this it would be a hot mess.
Last night I obvi. had to stay up late watching The Hills finale (the bitch is back!! omg so much drama!) and the Mtv movie awards (I wasn't very impressed). I have been a true hills fan since it started. I always watched Laguna Beach (ok, this is embarrassing to admit, but I actually own the first season of Laguna on DVD...HA!) which just kind of transferred to the Hills. I debated not watching this next season now that Lauren won't be on it anymore and it is slightly ridiculous, but I just can't help it. I know I will be glued to the TV every monday for 30 minutes of completely scripted 'reality' tv. Such a guilty pleasure of mine! :)
Well I hope everyone else is making it through this Monday with more energy than me!



So I know I just took a MAJOR hiatus, but it was totally needed! Life got super crazy with work changes, school, wedding plans and moving...yikes! I have had a busy few months and I just needed a small (ok, LARGE) break. Now I am back in business! BUT my blogging focus will be slightly different. I will still include some of my more exciting eats, healthy living info. and all that, but I will also focus on other things of interest in my life! Lately I have really felt as though I need a creative outlet to express myself so this will really become an everything blog! I can't guarantee I will post everyday or even every other day, but I do promise I am back :)


Card reader

So sorry for my absence, but I had temporarily lost this guy:

MY CARD READER! I really only use this to upload pics. to my computer and couldn't find it since tuesday afternoon! Luckily after finally having some time tonight to look through piles of clutter I found it :) 

To update everything for the last 3 days I would have to write a MAJORLY long post so I'm just starting at this morning :)
Breakfast was a bowl of cereal with a sliced banana. This actually did a pretty good job of keeping me full...almost 4 hrs! Normally after eating cereal I am hungry in like an hr.  I ate a kashi bar to hold me over until lunch which was some pasta salad:

I had about 1c. of whole wheat noodles with chopped broccoli and carrots with some italian dressing. I topped it all with some parm cheese. This was VERY satisfying and super easy to make! 

After work I snacked on an apple on my way to class.
since I was feeling VERY tired today I decided to treat myself to a caribou coffee. I got a medium vanilla northern lite latte

Just what I needed :)

So as I was looking through my pics over the past few days I realized how EXCITED I am to get new dishes as wedding presents! My pics are taken on a variety of different dishes since I eat with fiance a lot and also use mine and my roommate's collection of various non-matching dishes. Fiance and I registered for these dishes. I have been wanting white square dishes for YEARS and can't wait! 

We are getting married August 8th which feels like it is far away, but not really when I think of all the things I have to do still! I have been using theknot.com which gives you great checklists, a budgeter and other tools to utilize during the planning process. I just logged in tonight and it says: 170 days until the wedding, 186 items left on my to-do list....YIKES!! haha.

TOMORROW IS FRIDAY....YAY!!!! What are you doing this weekend?


3 day weekends go fast!

Hi bloggies! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I had today off as a holiday so I throughly enjoyed the long weekend and am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow!! The days just FLEW by! 

Now for my V-day dinner update:
While fiance was cooking away I had a glass of red wine and I continued to refill my glass through the entire evening :) (this kind is SO good and less than $5 at trader joes!)
Fiance prepared Turkey bacon rolls with roasted potatoes and green beans! It was seriously all delicious!!!The rolls had turkey, some ham lunch meat, provolone cheese, basil and were wrapped in bacon. These were def. a bit of an indulgence but tasted amazing!!!!!! I ate every bite on my plate :)Fiance and I spent the rest of v-day evening drinking wine and watching a movie...nice and relaxing!

Sunday morning we made french toast using multi grain bread. I topped mine with bananas, strawberries and blueberries. I actually only ended up eating 2 of the pieces. so yummy :)
After b-fast we ran lots of errands and trekked all over the mall. I was pooped when we got home. I made myself a plate of nachos :) I topped tortilla chips with some shredded cheese, black beans, salsa and cilantro. yum

Later in the afternoon I had a snack before going to see Confessions of a Shopaholic (!!!!!) with my sister. The movie was at 4:30 so I knew dinner would be a bit later. I had a small bowl of kashi with some blueberries and decaf coffee. 
the movie was pretty good, but no where near as good as the books! The movie just doesn't do justice to how crazy Becky is! So if you see the movie and like it READ THE BOOKS!!! :)

After the movie and a stop at Target with my sis I was ready for dinner! I made a repeat of roasted zucchini and carrot pasta. this is so simple, but so delish!
This morning I had a simple brekkie of a whole wheat bagel with a sliced banana and blueberries.then I was off to do a little shopping...I was purchasing some gifts for my previous roommate for her bachelorette party this coming weekend! I'm so excited to party and see a bunch of my sorority sisters from college!!! :) 

I made a stop at the gym before coming home and making a small plate of nachos exactly like yesterday's.  

Dinner was a pork stir fry fiance made! It had pork, broccoli, red peppers and snap peas served over brown rice. very yummy!

I also snacked on a few of these babies I got at Trader joes. VERY GOOD! 

Sorry for the mega long update!!!!  Hope everyone had a good monday 'see' you tomorrow!!!