outfits and eats!

Hi all! It's Thursday...only 1 more day until it's the weekend! This morning I spent some time trying on possible outfits for my weekend in Chicago. The weather is forecasted to be steamy so I want to be cool, but also cute! Here are some possibilities!

White tank and black tiered skirt for Saturday night:

Tribal/global print dress also a possibility for Saturday night:

Striped pink dress for during the day on Saturday:

We aren't 100% sure what we will end up doing on Saturday so I will probably bring with all my options just to be safe!

After getting ready I stopped at Target on my way to work to pick up a few things for this weekend.

Diet Coke:

I worked for a few hrs...same old, same old....then ate lunch! Today I had some thin crisp crackers with veggie cream cheese and turkey.

With a banana:

Now, I'm just counting down the last 3 hrs. of work then I'm heading to get a spray tan and rushing home to finish packing! I'm already feeling a little hungry so I'll probably eat a small snack in a bit since time is CRAWLING by! ugh.....

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