Investment in Excellence

Hi bloggers! The past 2 days I attended all day seminars for work. They were FASCINATING! The two seminars were put on by The Pacific Institute . One was about success strategies that corresponds with a class our students are required to take. The other was called Investment in Excellence. I want to highlight some of the main things I learned throughout the past 2 days!

The focus was on using both positive self talk and affirmations to slowly change you subconscious and achieve your goals.

Essentially human beings are programmed to be negative people. If you simply float through life you will gradually pull towards the negative since it is practically 11x more powerful than the positive!! Example: When people are constantly thinking 'why does this always happen to me?' or always say they have the worst luck. Why is this? Because they are always thinking about it! They have trained their subconscious to behave in the way that always results in bad luck!
It takes 11 positive people to overpower 1 negative person in a group!!

"You don't get what you want or deserve in life, you only get what you expect" -Bandura

This quote was powerful to me. If I expect that I won't get a better job or I won't achieve my goal then IT WON'T HAPPEN! Some people are taught to not have high expectations since they may lead to disappointments. However, if you don't have expectations then you are essentially telling your subconscious over time to sabotage opportunities that are better than your expectations!

Yesterday at the seminar we made a list of goals we want to achieve throughout 2009. We then made these goals into affirmations to read daily to slowly tell our subconscious that we can achieve them. Example: You regularly don't work out and currently tell yourself it is hard and you don't like it. Your goal is to begin working out. You then write an affirmation that says "I thrive on daily exercise because I feel healthy, strong and energetic". You read this affirmation 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening daily. Over time you are changing your subconscious to believe that this is your new normal. After this change if you don't workout you will create a dissonance in your mind since your subconscious now thinks you thrive on working out. Make sense??

Some of this was a little hard to get at first. I'm trying to explain it the best I can! At first I thought it was kind of strange and a little out there. But after they really explained how your mind works, discussed studies and had several of our Vice Presidents who have attended previously tell stories of how it actually works I was SO INTRIGUED BY IT! I am def. going to start using some of these principles in my life! Do any of you use affirmations already?

We also discussed proper goal setting, positive self talk, coaching and so much more!

The company that I work for has been sending every employee through these seminars for the past 10 years! I feel blessed to work for an organization that wants to give their employees this information. My company believe that your personal, professional and organizational lives all affect each other so it is essential to be satisfied in each of those areas to excel!

I promise to be back to regular blogging soon I just wanted to share a little bit of this with you all!