Holiday party!

Good evening bloggers! Sorry for no post until now.....today has been crazy busy!!! Here is a recap:

For breakfast I made 2 pieces of multi-grain toast. One with peanut butter and one with pecan pumpkin butter. I actually ended up putting all of the chopped bananas on the bread and eating it as a sandwich since I was running late for work!! 

I was in a meeting for most of the morning so no snack for me! At lunchtime I toasted a whole wheat bagel and put laughing cow, some ham and lettuce on it for a yummy sammy! I also had some carrot chips along with it .
Dessert was a chocolate z-bar!
So tonight was my work holiday party! I knew we wouldn't be eating until much later so after work I ended up eating a peach chobani. It was my first EVER and was really good!!

Right before heading out I thought my camera DIED! It wouldn't turn on AT ALL! I was in a panic! I took out the battery to charge hoping that was the issue and left for the party. It was actually really fun! We had a bunch of good food and I had a few glasses of wine (for free!) I felt like I made really good decisions on food (it was a buffet) and even though I didn't have my camera I was very conscience of what I was eating and forced myself to think about it instead of just filling up my plate! I was very proud of myself!
My plate had:
some fresh fruit
salad w. carrot slaw and ranch
green beans
tiny bit of mashed potatoes

Luckily when I got home my camera turned on (after several tries!!!) Hopefully it will keep working, if not I will have to be investing in a new one! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and I will update tomorrow after day one of the holiday wine fun! (fingers crossed the camera keeps working!)