Hi all!! It is FINALLY Thursday. I'm seriously living for the weekends lately. I really need to get back into school/super busy mode. When I am super busy I just go-go-go! When I have time to relax I become REALLY lazy. And lately I have been MAJORLY procrastinating all of my hw! OOPSIE!

Dinner on Tuesday was quick and simple. I made 1/3 cup of couscous and added 1/2 a sauteed green pepper, some crab meat and a handful of shredded cheese. YUM.
Wednesday I woke up bright and early for work. I think I only slept lie 5 hrs. Ugh. I had a bowl of kashi with a sliced banana for brekkie.Snack at work was a Kashi blackberry graham bar. This was my first time trying this kind of bar. It tasted very similar to a Nutri-grain bar. I liked the berry flavor, but I have never been a big far of these type of bars. They were ok, just not my fav.

Lunch was broccoli pasta salad. I mixed some leftover whole wheat lasagna noodles that I chopped up and mixed with some broccoli and a splash of italian and ranch dressings.

And a yogurt.I ended up having to work kind of late and didn't get home until later like 2.5 hrs. later than normal!! Fiance was nice enough to make turkey burgers for dinner while I just relaxed on the couch :)
The turkey burgers had diced onions, mustard, shredded cheese and s & p in them. I had mine on a whole wheat bun with spicy mustard and spinach.
I also had some of these chips on the side.
This morning I was running majorly late!! I had a waffle sammy for b-fast in the car. I had a mashed banana and some pb in between 2 cinnamon waffs. Sorry.....no time for a pic. It was arctic temps this am!! I was literally freezing off my toes and fingers while the car was warming up!! Luckily it will be like 40 tomorrow and even warmer this weekend!! Good-bye foot of snow that is covering the ground! :)
I gave a presentation this morning at work that went right through snack time! Afterwards my tummy was growling so I took a little bit of an early lunch.
I had a ham and spinach whole wheat pita with some canned peaches and a yogurt.

This was good, but didn't leave me very full!! I will def. be eating a snack later on. Plus I think some Starbucks is in order to warm me up since I have to trek across campus in below freezing temps for class tonight!