Good evening friends! I have been freezing almost all day long and am finally all snugly and warm in pj's on the couch! :) 

For snacks at work I tried a Fage with honey. I don't know what it was, but I really didn't like this flavor combo. I topped it with some granola and really only had the bites with the granola. I also ate some fresh raspberries on the side.  The college I work at has a culinary program so I get to read a bunch of fun food magazines on my lunch break for free :)

Since I didn't eat much of the Fage I was still pretty hungry so I had a Kashi pumpkin spice flax bar. It actually comes with 2 bars in the package so it seems a bit more filling. I really enjoyed this flavor!
When I got home form work I used leftover taco stuff to make a salad. I topped some lettuce with the ground turkey with some shredded cheese and a dollop of light sour cream. On the side I had a little bit of spanish rice and some leftover guac. It was good and filling! 

Now I am just relaxing, catching up on blogs and watching some tv. Tomorrow I am planning to make it to the gym early and then work on a BIG paper I have due this weekend! Have a good night! :)


Sharon said...

That is awesome with the free reads on the magazines - that Fage yogurt container looks neat. Is the honey in the separate container slot?

Jill said...

Yea! I just scooped the honey over into the container with the yogurt!

Sharon said...

Wow, I'm silly, but I am intrigued. :D Such lovely inventions. Hahah!