Saturday afternoon/evening

Yesterday after work on my way to graduation I ate a Cliff bar to hold me over until I have time to eat a full lunch. 

 After graduation I went to a sportsbar with fiance and one of his friends to eat. I was STARVING so I inhaled my food before I really thought to take a picture. I got a veggie wrap which had grilled red and green peppers, black beans, lettuce and some ranch. It came with chips and a pickle. It was SO good! I would definitely get it again :) We also split a pitcher of blue moon while we there. Afterwards we went back to fiances and had some more drinks! I had a glass of this red wine (from a local winery)

And a woodchucks hard apple cider. Hard apple cider is one of my FAVORITE things to drink! I got really into it when I was studying abroad in Europe. I just think it has great flavor. This brand was pretty good, but my favorite is Strongbow. 

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