Bad news bears!

We had to go to a sports bar to watch the Bears game today. Living in Indianapolis, the bears game isn't on TV when the colts are playing at the same time. SO when it isn't on TV we have to go to a special Sports Bar that shows the games. While we were watching the game I had 2 Michelob Ultras. They were the best option of the beers they had there. [2.6g carbs and 95 cals. each] Sadly the bears lost....by A TON! Oh well, there's always next week :) When I got home I ate a piece of whole wheat toast with some strawberry preserves. 

For dinner Fiance made some grilled chicken with broccoli and cheesy rice. I only ate about 1/2 of the chicken, but all of everything else. I have a HUGE weakness for carbs. I love pasta, rice, couscous, EVERYTHING! I try to portion it out, but I just can't resist sometimes :)
And for dessert I just ate a frozen Reese's cup. I love frozen candy...it just makes it a much tastier treat :)
Now I am relaxing until the Girl's Next Door is on tonight!! Have a good one :)

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