Good Morning!

I'm excited for this week because I don't have to work until 3pm today or tomorrow (I am going to a conference later this week so my hrs. are kind of messed up) That means I have plenty of time to relax and work on hw in the mornings. For breakfast I had a bowl of Crispix with a banana in it. 

I wanted to try making some of my new coffee I got yesterday at STAPLES of all places! It was on sale and looked really good. It wasn't very punpkiny tasting, but had a good amount of spice flavor and will be perfect for the rest of the holiday season! 
I had a nice big cup while working on LOADS of homework. I have a giant project due on Wednesday that I am trying to finish up. 
While working away I had one of my Ryvita crackers with some french onion light laughing cow cheese on it. I REALLY like these crackers. They are light, but filling at the same time.

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