Bars to the rescue

Winter is in full force today! Freezing temps with snow flurries all morning. Yuck! At least the sun is trying to peak out!!

It was hard to get going yesterday morning. I felt like the weekend flew by and I barely got to relax!! I made myself a nice filling breakfast when I woke up. 2 whole wheat waffles topped with pecans and light syrup. I had a sliced apple on the side and a cup of coffee.

My work schedule this semester is going to be all crazy like because of my classes. Luckily my boss is super flexible with my schedule, but it still stinks! I have one class thursday evening so I can only work until 4:30 and on friday I have a class in the afternoon so I can only work like 4 hrs! Thus I have to cram the rest of my 40 hrs. into mon-weds. Yesterday and Today I am scheduled to work from 10:30-9 only getting one actual meal break around 3:30! ICK! Thus you will probably be seeing alot of these guys to keep me fueled all day during the next few months:
This is only my second larabar to ever try and I have to say I really enjoyed this flavor. Although, I'm not sure if I like larabars or clif bars more. Obviously they have different textures and flavors both of which I enjoy, but I think I need to try more larabar flavors to really decide! What are your favorite bar flavors??
For lunch at work I ate my leftover pesto tortellini pasta from Bravo with a blueberry yogurt. (sorry no pic!)
When I got home from work I warmed up the remaining fried rice from this weekend and mixed it with some romaine lettuce. Quick and filling!

This morning I woke up not too hungry. I had 1 piece of cinnamon raisin toast and a cup of coffee. I know this is a pretty small brekkie, but I just didn't really have a huge appetite.

I snacked on a banana on my way into work and have a cinnamon roll larabar on standby to eat as soon as my hunger strikes!



Kim said...

I'm still on a quest to find Larabars that I love, so far the only one is the Cinamon Roll one.

I certainly don't envy your schedule, you have some loooong days :(

Megan said...

okay i happen to be the queen of larabars, so you asked a very good question :) I think the best are PB cookie, coconut creampie, apple pie, and pecan pie. and ginger snap is good too if you like extra spice.

mmmmm, love rice and lettuce! i thought i was the only one who did that :P

Anonymous said...

favorite larabars are cashew cookie, pb cookie, and banana cookie... looks like im a cookie girl :)

Anonymous said...

favorite larabars are cashew cookie, pb cookie, and banana cookie... looks like im a cookie girl :)

Anonymous said...

favorite larabars are cashew cookie, pb cookie, and banana cookie... looks like im a cookie girl :)

K said...

Bummer about the schedule!! My favorite flavors are apple pie and cinnamon roll. Ask VeggieGirl (she's linked in my blog) because she eats them day in and day out.

Other bars that are great in holding hunger are Pure Protein - S'mores, Peanut Marshmallow, and Chocolate PB (the last one is my numero uno!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your schedule - that's a lot to cram into a short amount of time!

Hang in there - its not forever!

Jaime said...

thanks for your kind comments!!!! i love peanut butter cookie larabars! my favorite bar ever is the kashi go lean choc turtle bar! i LOVE clif bars too!!!! i really love the clif mojo trail mix! muahh have a great day

Anonymous said...

I love Larabars and Clif bars. I tried the Clif MoJo Mountain Mix today and loved it. PB cookie is my fav larabar! Have a great night!

Sharon said...

I think I tried the Apple one when they had a taste testing at Costco! LOL That is the only one I have tried for Larabars.

Madison Song said...

the only larabar i like is the coconut creme one - i think thats what its called.
flexible bosses are awesome :)

Anonymous said...

I really only like the nut flavored ones...the fruity ones just don't do it as much for me! Yummy leftovers, I have brown rice leftovers in my fridge I'm SO excited :D