New Kicks

First off I want to say THANKS for the ladies who gave me some advice on my foot/ankle pain! I REALLY appreciate it since I basically have no idea being a beginning runner and all.

 Yesterday was a super busy day! After work I rushed home and had lunch:

Turkey and cheese sammy with a blueberry chobani on the side. (SO GOOD!)

After lunch fiance and I went to look at another possible townhouse (it was no good!) It is frustrating looking for a place when you have such specific location restrictions. I think I mentioned earlier that we work about an hour from each other. My office is downtown and his office will be moving like 2 suburbs outside of actual Indianapolis. Basically because of the traffic in those areas we have a fairly small location (with limited apt. options!) that would be ideal. At least we still have plenty of time to try and find something fab!

We then headed to Edinburgh with a friend to SHOP at the outlet mall!! I def. got some good finds!!!! We had dinner at Bravo.
It is a delicious Italian rest. I split a chopped salad with fiance and ordered pesto tortellini for my entree. I also had a glass of pino grigio.

We spent the evening having a few drinks and watching TV at our friends place downtown before heading home way past my bedtime!

This morning I woke up feeling slightly sick. Stuffy with a bit of a sore throat! I feel like I have been on the verge of getting sick on and off for a few weeks! It never seems to really progress, but it is annoying always having a slight sniffle!!

Fiance and I went to run a bunch more errands and stopped at Panera for lunch. I got a u pick 2 combo:
Chicken noodle soup and Turkey artichoke panini (DELISH!!)

We also bought a fresh loaf of cinnamon raisin bread there to enjoy this week! (pictures to come later!)

One of our errands was getting my NEW SHOES! Thanks to your advice along with some research I did about my foot type I bought a pair of Asics. As soon as I tried them on IT WAS AMAZING! I felt 1,000,000% more support for my arches than with my nikes I have been wearing. Plus I thought they were so cute!

I am also going to get some gel inserts for my higher arches and hope to tackle running again this week. THANKS AGAIN!  
When we got home I instantly had a piece of the raisin bread for a snack...SO YUMMY!For dinner I made a simple Frozen Veggie Quiche. 
I mainly just needed to use up the eggs before the expired. 

5 eggs
1/4 onion
1 cup frozen veggies (used broccoli, carrots and a hashbrown/pepper mixture)
1/2 cup grated cheese (I used parm. and gouda)

I put it all in a 9x9 casserole dish and cooked for 30 mins. at 350 degrees.

Here is it before going in the oven.

I had one piece along with another slice of bread :)

This was really tasty. I intentionally kept dinner a little light because I wanted to enjoy a cup of my somoa ice cream! :)

Now I am just watching the Golden Globes and will be heading to bed early before another super busy week starts. My graduate classes start again this week and I am def. NOT looking forward to it!!!

Hope you all have fab. Mondays!!


Sharon said...

Have a great week! And an awesome night tonight!
Delicious eats as always, and hope those gels inserts work!

Anonymous said...

Hi! yummy eats i see~ i would love to try panera someday =]

nice to meet you. i've just joined this blogging world and alreayd loving it very much!

Jaime said...

yayy for the new kicks! you are going to feel sooooo much better now! the right sneakers make all the difference in the world!!! xoxox yummy eats too :)

Anonymous said...

So many great eats: CHOBS!! Panera! Quiche! Yumola :)

Outlet malls are the best. You just can't beat their deals!

Anonymous said...

i just recently got those same shoes, and bought the inserts for my arches and they are absolutely great to run in! i love them, hope you do too!

Anonymous said...

i just recently got those same shoes, and bought the inserts for my arches and they are absolutely great to run in! i love them, hope you do too!

Madison said...

i LOVE outlet malls! i found some good deals last week too :)

Anonymous said...

Your Frozen Veggie Quiche looks really good. Those are some cute shoes you got there.

Anonymous said...

Hope your classes went well today. Everything you ate looks amazing! I love Bravo and that quiche looks yummy! Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

Yum! I think the only panera around here is kinda far from me but i want to try it! OMG loove love love your shoes- i have the same ones but they're turquoise instead of pink, so comfy and wonderful :D

Anonymous said...

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