long time no talk!

Hi again! I don't know what is up with this week!! My work schedule is a little bit different now that the students are back in the building for classes and it just seems like time flew by! Hopefully next week I will be back to my regular daily posting and commenting! :)

The weather here is incredibly blah! It is a bit rainy, overcast and barely above freezing. Supposedly it is going to get colder and then just be freezing rain later on today. Sounds miserable, huh? I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't get too icy since fiance and I were planning on going to the outlet mall in Edinburgh which is about 40 mins. south of Indianapolis. I was really looking forward to doing some shopping!!

I'm not quite sure where I left off, but I'm going to start with Thursday evening. After work I went to the gym and did my first day or running on my 5K training schedule. It was awful! I did walk/run intervals for about 15 minutes b/c I was having shooting pains in my right ankle and on the top of my foot. I really think I need new shoes b/c of my knock knees I tend to put more of my weight on the inside of my foot. I also have pretty high arches. I think it is a weird combo! I have no pain in my left one....just the right. It was so bad I was practically limping around all day yesterday! I'm thinking on going to a running store and trying to get fitted for shoes that will give me the proper support I need. Anyone have any advice??

Anyways after the gym/running fiasco I went over to fiance's for dinner. Fiance really wanted to make Nathan's hotdogs. I guess they are used for hot dog eating contests or something and he claims they are the best. (very bad for you, but they tasted amazing!!) I had 1 on a whole wheat bun topped with a bit of mustard and ketchup, diced onions and pickles and some lettuce. Side dishes were green beans and some baked beans. It was all delicious!

Friday morning I had to go into work for a faculty meeting. (I don't teach any classes, but since we give LOTS of library presentations we are kind of considered faculty and staff) I was running a bit late (surprise, surprise!) so I needed a b-fast for on the go! I toasted 2 waffles and put 1/2 of a smashed banana and 1 tbsp. of creamy pb in the middle. I have seen some other bloggers eat these kind of waffle sammys before and I always kind of thought they were strange, but let me tell you.....IT WAS SO DELISH! I will def. be eating these kind of combos when I want something quick, warm and filling!
After work I was finally able to run some more errands. I made it to whole foods...the closest one to me is about 15 mins. away, but in a VERY high traffic area so I try to only go when it hopefully won't be as crowded! By the time I got there I was famished since a long meeting meant no morning snack for me. I ended up loading up on their salad bar. I was a bad blogger and forgot my camera at home, but was too hungry to wait. I ate a large mixed green salad and had some couscous mixture and pasta salad on the side. This was actually my first time actually eating at whole foods and I was very impressed!
While shopping there I found CHOBANI!!! (they were on sale too!) I was so excited because previously I had only been able to find the peach flavor (which was the only one they didn't have!) I also stocked up on bars. [I ate a choc. brownie z-bar as my lunch snack on the drive home :)]
I spent the afternoon lounging around resting my ankle/foot napping and reading. It felt so good to just relax after having a busy week.Later, I snacked on a dented blueberry yogurt topped with some granola. Weird lighting...sorry!For dinner I used this:I got it in the frozen section at Wal-mart and thought it looked like a good veggie combo!
I sprayed a pan with some olive oil and then heated about a cup of this mixture up. I added a tiny bit of soy sauce for a bit more flavor. I served some 'fried rice' on the side. I think this was a rice a roni mix? Amyway I cooked it up and then added a scrambled egg to it.
This morning I had to come into work for a few hrs. again. (told you it has been a crazy schedule week!)
For breakfast I made an egg and cheese sammy on a whole wheat bagel with apple slices on the side. And of course coffee x 2!

Fiance and I are having some trouble trying to figure out honeymoon plans! My parents own timeshare points that can be used at any Wyndham vacation resort. They have graciously offered to let us use a week of points for our honeymoon! We had originally wanted to stay at the resort in Windsor, CA in Sonoma County however it was all booked. We are now looking at other places! We debated on going to Hawaii, but It would be quite a lot of traveling time since we will be flying in and out of Chicago. We have also debated on Las Vegas (the resort is BEAUTIFUL there and a little bit off the strip...I stayed there with some girlfriends for spring break my sr. year of college) or Edisto Island which is by Charleston in South Carolina. I'm not too concerned with where we go since I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit. My fiance hasn't really done much vacationing here in the U.S. so he's up for almost anywhere. Do you guys have any good ideas??
Have a good Saturday!


K said...

CHOBANI!!!! Yay :D Fabulous grocery haul! Glad you liked the wafflewich too!

US destinations I love: Cape Cod and Colorado are both gorgeous!! My favorite US city is Chicago but I doubt you'd want to go there on your honeymoon :)

Sharon said...

Can't say much about running - sorry! Hopefully someone else can answer that.

But holly wow, chobani and luna/lara/clif haul!!!!!!!! Totally jealous!

Anonymous said...

What a fun shopping trip...you found chobani, lucky girl!

We went on a cruise for our honeymoon to the Bahamas, St. Martin, St. John, & St. Thomas. It was absolutely perfect!

Meghann said...

I love Chobani. :)

As far as the ankle pain, you should really look into proper supper for your shies and maybe even wrapping it before your next run. :)

Jaime said...

hey lady! i just have to comment on your foot pain!! i've been a runner for a long time and dealt with lots of different pains-- top of the foot pain can be one of the most serious if you don't get it checked out! i can guarantee you that you need new sneakers-- i replace mine every 3-4 months.. even running a few times with poor sneakers can cause a lot of damage/pain to your feet, knees, hips and even back! i reccomend asics sneakers-- i think they are the best! but just make sure you do something before it gets worse!!! anyways-- great eats for the day and have a great rest of the weeken!

Jaime said...

also look into getting an ankle brace or at least taping it for now! and if you have a high arch you may want to get inserts in your sneaks! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your Chobani finds!! I had waffles with peanut butter in it today as well. It was really good. Tomorrow, I might add the banana. =)