A BIG one.

I'm Back!! Sorry for being MIA over the weekend. I was a little busy, but also just feeling lazy! :)I'm just going to do a MAJOR recap of my eats...try and stick with me!

Saturday morning I made buckwheat pancakes with chopped pecans in them topped with some light syrup.

Coffee on the side of course :)After b-fast fiance and I went and looked at bunches of apts. and townhomes. I didn't really like any of them! We are looking for something affordable in a very specific area because our jobs are so far from each other. (they are like an hour from each other!) I am kinda picky about kitchens and bathrooms. A lot of the ones we looked at had super old appliances (like circa 1990!) and old looking counters and floors. It just creeps me out!! After searching around for hours I was STARVING! We picked up chinese from one of my fav. places :) This place offers brown rice as an option instead of white or fried!! I got the shrimp with broc. and an egg roll. I ate about 1/2 of everything. For dinner we went to one of our friends places! He lives downtown and has a SUPER FABULOUS apt. They are brand new and everything is so swanky. I am totally jealous! While we were prepping dinner I had a glass of red wine I also snacked on a few wheat thins and this roasted tomato dip he had made. (this is fiance's hand. He is always trying to dive into the pictures with a thumbs up and I told him he could only be in this one if he held a cracker!)

Dinner was saltine crusted steak! I'm not really sure what the actual name was for this, but it was pretty tasty. You take a certain cut of steak (once again I have no idea what it was!) coat it in an egg was and then dip it in smashed saltines. You first pan fry it for a few minutes and then finish cooking in the oven. I'm sure it was horrible for me, but it tasted good! On the side was some saffron risotto.
After dinner we watched some of the colts/chargers game and then headed out to a bar. I only had 1 bud light to drink while we were out! It took me forever to finish it, I just didn't really feel like drinking!
Sunday morning I woke up and made a light breakfast of a whole wheat bagel with mixed berry cream cheese.
On the side I had 1/2 of a pear and a cup of coffee. Afterwards to did some laundry and a little cleaning. I snacked on a few pistachios while fiance put some meat in the dehydrator to make beef jerky.
Here he is flipping some of the pieces.

We then set out to look at more apts. I was determined to find something good! We went to a handful of places and found something amazing!! The outsides of the buildings look a little shady, but I am so happy we went inside!! The townhomes all have stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors in the kitchen/dining area, new counter tops and an accent brick wall for UBER cheap! The woman said they don't become available too often, but hopefully since it is pretty early we will have a good shot!
After that we came home and made sammys for lunch.
Mine had turkey, cheese and pickles on it. I had 1/2 a pear and some chips on the side.

During the afternoon I snacked on a few pieces of fiance's home-made jerky. It was DELISH!
I wanted dinner to be light and easy. I microwaved a sweet potato and topped it with some mozz. cheese and a bit of TJ's plain greek yogurt.
I had a small side salad with it.

And for dessert I had to have some of this:

I have been craving ice cream and when I saw this on sale I just HAD to buy it! At first I was confused as to what it was because when I was in Girl Scouts they were called CARMEL DELIGHTS! What happened?!?!
Anyways it was SO good! Perfect flavor combo :)And that finally brings us to today! For b-fast I had a bowl of cinnamon puffins.Lunch was a quick pasta with diced green peppers.Topped with a little parm.

AT work ate snacks consisting of: a small blueberry yogurt, an apple and an almond crunch granola bar. It is CLEARLY not enough food to last me to 9 as it is only like 6 and my yummy is going crazy. I guess I will just have to raid the vending machines. It is hard adjusting my eating schedule when I work my crazy nights!
Sorry this was a GIGANTIC post! I hope I didn't loose you all ;)


Sharon said...

They had brown rice? That is awesome!
And your pancakes look amazing!!

K said...

That Chinese food looks DELISH!

Good luck with the apartment hunting! Old appliances are kind of creepy :-/

The pasta lunch looks incredible too!

Good luck with work tonight!!

Jaime said...

great eats for the weekend!!!! dont you love sweet potatoes ! i've been kind of obsessed with them lately! lol! good luck finding a new place! i'm about to start looking for a new place as well-- it's exciting but sooo time consuming! xoxoxo :)

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed you get the place you want!

And that takeout stir fry looks great!

Madison Song said...

HAHHA your fiance is hilarious trying to get into the photos =)

yum everything looks delicious!!! especially starting with those pancakes!

Anonymous said...

Yummy weekend eats! I've got to try that ice cream!!!