Here comes the sun.

Hi all! It is SO sunny out today. It is amazing how nice weather instantly puts me in a good mood :)

Yesterday mid-morning I snacked on an apple.

Lunch was a ham and cheese sammy that I toasted up in the break room! I am basically the only person who ever uses our toaster oven at work. People are ALWAYS commenting about it when whenever I use it. I just love a toasted sandwich so much more than a regular one. :) On the side I had some carrots dipped in pb.When I went to leave work we were practically having a monsoon here!!!!! It was raining crazy hard and was ridiculously windy! While walking to my car my umbrella turned inside out after like 2.5 seconds and so I got completely soaked. My hair was a crazy hot mess after all that wind and rain. Once I got in my car I could literally feel it shaking because of the wind...yikes! During my drive home (which took significantly longer due to the weather) I snacked on 1/2 of my final toasted coconut macadamia nut bar.Fiance and I made pizza for dinner while watching Talladega nights. We used a premade Pillsbury crust. I topped my side with sliced zucchini, a few pieces of pepperoni, some mozz. cheese and italian seasoning. SO YUMMY! I had a spinach salad on the side.B-fast this morning was a waff sammy. 2 Whole wheat waffs with 1/2 smashed banana and a scoop of pb in the middle. This is such a yummy b-fast and perfect for when I'm running late and need to eat in the car :)At work this morning I gave a presentation right through my morning snack time. By the time I was done I was famished and decided to just take an early lunch! I had leftover Kashi moroccan curry rice with some black beans and a cut up morningstar black bean veggie burger....a seriously good combo. Next time I will probably top it with some cheese and salsa.
I had some carrots and a plum on the side.
Now I just have a few more hours of work to get through before I am off to my night class for 3 more hrs. Tonight we will be talking about ethical issues in different types of libraries which I think will be very interesting. This is my 3rd class I'm taking with this professor and I just think she is completely fascinating! She has her MLS, JD and PHD along with TONS of amazing work experience. She is so smart, but not in the least bit intimidating and honestly one of the nicest people ever!!

Who else is pumped for the Office tonight?!?!?!


Elizabeth (thelongweigh) said...

Every single thing you ate looks so yummy! Especially that pizza and the following breakfast. I'm drooling over here!

Anonymous said...

So glad we got a mini-break from the dreary winter!!

Your homemade pizza looks mighty tasty :) Have fun in class and I can't WAIT for the Office!

Anonymous said...

yummy looking pizza && apple :)

Sharon said...

I toast my bread! Haha! Love your sandwich! And tasty tasty eats!!!

Nutritious is Delicious said...

Yummmm for the Pizza! :D