Hi all! I get so excited when it is wednesday! I feel like after work on weds. time just flies by until the weekend :) This will be brief since I have LOADS of work to do....yikes!!

Monday at work I made this sweet potato monster for lunch:

And tried one of these veggie burgers! OMG! I loved these. They had awesome flavor with actual whole black beans in them. So yummy!

For a snack at work I ate a pear.

Dinner was a leftover bang bang taco from Bonefish grill. The tacos had the shrimp cooked in some super spicy sauce, lettuce and tomatoes on them. I added some ranch to cool mine down some! I also had a carrot dipped in pb on the side.
Tuesday I woke up craving oatmeal! I was all out of milk though so I made it only with water!
Stove top oats made of:
1/2 c. oats
1 c. water
sprinkle of brown sugar
1 banana mashed
handful choc. chips
spoonful pb
This was SO yummy! I def. like having the banana mashed instead of sliced!

For lunch on Tuesday I had a meeting with my boss and his boss! I got a soup and salad combo. House salad with vinaigrette and pasta fagioli soup. I also had a roll on the side.
Snack at work:

I was VERY excited to try this bar after hearing so many rave reviews and it didn't disappoint! YUM!!

Then I forgot my camera at work!!!!!!!!!!! SO no dinner pictures which was a simple ham and cheese wrap anyways!
I waited to eat my breakkie at work this am so I could take photos for you :)
I had a banana nut muffin my roomie had made:

With a wild berry yogurt:

Tonight after work I am going straight to the GYM! I feel like I haven't been there in forever. I have just been doing yoga and workouts at home, but I am ready for a major sweat session.
After the gym fiance and I are planning on making a pizza tonight! yum :)


Every Gym's Nightmare said...

that taco looks pretty good for being a left over- mine are always smashed and covered in left over beans :)

Kelly Turner

Sharon said...

Oh wow, super tasty eats! And silly, because I need to try making oats with milk! I always use water!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the sweet potato. Glad you got the WCMN Clif - so good :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Anonymous said...

wow everything looks amazing! that taco is so yummy looking. i love those spicy black bean burgers too. esp with some avocado and salsa! amazinggggg

Elizabeth (thelongweigh) said...

Oh my gosh I'm loving your blog and all the tasty food you eat!

Anonymous said...

heehee bang bang taco totally cracks me up!! :P

Anonymous said...

Hope your pizza turns out tonight! I have a super simple dough recipe on my site - on the side bar on the right under recipes is "no rise pizza dough."

It's literally ready in 5 minutes!

Anonymous said...

holy smokes - all your food looks so good!
i love those morningstar burgers. i think they are better than boca.

Nutritious is Delicious said...

I love all of your eats! yum yum yum

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

that cliff bar looks yummy! I haven't seen that flavor on shelves yet - BUMMER!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day!!! Love all the variations in your food.