Happy V-day!

Hi lovies! I hope everyone is enjoying Valentine's day! :) I have spent the entire day with fiance! We ran a bunch of errands, went to the gym, just watched a movie  and are now starting to make dinner! I am normally not very big on the romance of valentine's day (I consider it mostly a hallmark holiday) but I do just love the decorations sold in stores and all of the candy and flowers! haha.

It was SO beautiful out on Friday I took some pictures for you while I was on campus for class! This is the library where all of my classes are:

And here is a pic of downtown from campus.
After class on friday fiance and I decided to have a Mexican night! I started off with a Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus. Seriously yummy!

I snacked on some chips and quac. while making the tacos!
We decided to try and make more traditional tacos which are topped just with raw onions and cilantro. We made shredded chicken spiced with some fajita seasoning. I had 3 since they were pretty small tortillas. These kind of tacos are so delish!! I really love the flavor the cilantro gives the tacos. VERY GOOD....and simple :)

We watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist while eating. It was pretty good. I love Michael Cera he is hilariously awkward! 

This morning I got some much needed extra sleep! Breakfast was very yummy! I made scrambled eggs with 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites and some cheese. On the side I had a whole wheat bagel with light cheese (I only ate 1/2) and some berries that were FINALLY on sale at the grocery store!!!!!!!!!

Lunch was chicken creole from YATZ...sorry no picture, but it was amazing!

Right now I am snacking on a naner while fiance is preparing a gourmet meal! YAY! I will take lots of photos and update you all on how it goes.....he rarely cooks anything besides a grilled piece of meat :)

Happy love day! :) 


Anonymous said...

Have fun tonight! Can't wait to see the pictures of your meal :)

Anonymous said...

yummy looking breakfast! especially the berries - so colorful!

Sharon said...

Campus looks great! And oh wow, yummy eats!!!

Elizabeth (thelongweigh) said...

Those tacos looks perfect! I hope you had a great evening!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Cera is definitely pretty funny. Sadly, I believe he is dating a strange asian woman who is like 10+ years his senior. Hmmmm interesting?

Yay for the fresh berries! I'm a big fan!!!