New Couscous!

On my way to work I ate a chocolate brownie Z-bar. This flavor is the PERFECT dessert bar. 

At work I had a snack of peach yogurt with granola and raisins mixed in to hold me over until I got home at 9.
For my UBER late dinner I tried this new kind of couscous. 
I mixed in some reduced fat cheese, tuna fish and olive oil. I love mixing some cheese and meat into couscous. It is probably one of my favorite quick fix meals. I had a small side salad that I basically mixed in to give each bit a little crunch. This was a great combo and I really liked this couscous. 
Tomorrow and Thursday I will be at the Indiana Library Federation conference for work all day, but will do my best to get some photos of my eats! Have a good night! 

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