Tuesday Morning!

For breakfast I had oatmeal with a banana and some cinnamon.
After breakfast I worked on hw  (attempting to finish my project!!) and then had a snack of pineapple chunks before going to the gym. I got in some good cardio as well as squats and ab work. 

After the gym I ran a few errands and was STARVING when I got home. I ate a cracker while I was making lunch.
For lunch I made a black bean and corn wrap with carrot chips and some of my homemade cranberry applesauce (One of my favs!)
The wrap had black beans, corn, some mozz. cheese and lettuce. It was VERY good!


amy. said...

hey, thanks for the comment and suggestion! i enjoy your blog and im glad i found it. ill be back to read more soon :)

VeggieGirl said...

Great eats!!!

Thank you for your comment on my blog - welcome to the blogging world! :-)