Weekend fun!

HI FRIENDS! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Mine was really busy, but so fun! 

Here is a quick recap:

Saturday morning my sister picked me up and we went to my parent's hotel. I grabbed a raisin bran muffin for b-fast! After we picked up my mom we went bridesmaid dress shopping! I found one that I REALLY like. I am still thinking on it, but will let you guys know once I make a decision! 

After dress shopping we wandered around Target for a bit and I sipped on a tall non-fat espresso truffle from starbucks. 
Before heading out for the wine trail I had a turkey subway mini sandwich on wheat bread.
and a handful of pretzels.

After lunch my fam set out for day 1 of the holiday wine trail event! At each winery we were allowed to sample a few wines and got a glass of wine and some treats! The first winery wasn't very impressive! I had a glass of raspberry wine and didn't really eat much food.

The second winery was much better! I had a nice white wine and some veggies, cheese and crackers.

The third winery was awesome! I had a glass of classic merlot, which was a REALLY good red wine. (I bought a bottle!) They also had these ground turkey and veggie barbecue bite things....not sure what the official name was!! I also had some potato salad!
We went to one more winery on Saturday. I forgot to take a picture there (I think I had a few too many drinks by this point!) I had another glass of red wine and snacks including: spinach and artichoke dip and a veggie egg-roll. 

After so much eating and drinking I wasn't really hungry for dinner until later. Fiance and I made a thin crust pizza margarita. It had cheese, tomatoes and basil on it. It was simple and filling!

This morning I decided to try this instant oatmeal. I just made it according to the directions on the container, but added a cut up banana. 
It had pretty good flavor, but ended up being really soupy! I would definitely add mess water in the future. 

On the way to wineries for today I ate 1 of the kashi pumpkin spice bars that comes in the package.

The first winery was def. one of my favorites! They had great food and I enjoyed a wonderful glass of white wine. Since I didn't eat a real lunch I went a bit heavier on the snacks! I went back for some more cheese and grapes.
The next winery offered small meat sandwiches for a snack. I had a glass or red wine there. 
At the final winery I had a glass of red wine, some grapes, bread with rosemary dipping oil and 2 meatballs. 
After all of the wine drinking the fam went to dinner at Union Jack's. I got a california chicken wrap. It had chicken, bacon, avocado, sprouts, tomatoes and feta cheese. I ate 1 half of it and some of the chips. 
I also chugged tons of water! after drinking so much wine I am just constantly feeling dehydrated.... It was a fun weekend, but now I am exhausted!! Enjoy your Sunday nights!


Sharon said...

Wow, great eats for the day - I love raisin bran muffins. They taste delicious!

And delicious thin crust pizza! Simple ingredients, and looks tasty!

I have never seen that organic instant oatmeal. It looks neato!

K said...

How fun are all those wine tours?! Looks like you had a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend! I've always wanted to go on a wine tour!

Have a great day!