Nutella :)

GOOD EVENING! Last night I did not sleep well and today just seemed to crawl by! This morning I woke up kind of early and went grocery shopping. While there I bought NUTELLA!!!

During my jr. year of college I studied abroad in Germany and ate it ALL the time over there. It is much more expensive here, but I saw it at the store and just had to buy it and use it ASAP! For breakfast I made some scrambled eggs, 1 banana, and a whole wheat bagel with pecan pumpkin butter on 1 half and nutella on the other. This was such a good and filling breakfast! 

At work I had some leftover margarita pizza. 

I also ate an apple and tried my first ever stonyfield farms yogurt! It was VERY good. Really creamy with yummy flavor! It was very smooth !
After work I had a quick meal of a salad with carrots, pea-pods, radishes, light ranch along with some pork and bbq sauce for dipping!

Oh and while blogging I got a craving and had a piece of whole wheat toast with nutella on it :)



Sharon said...

Hahaha, I love dipping hearty grain crackers into nutella!

Anonymous said...

I love Nutella! I had it all the time when I was in France. So glad you found some!

K said...

Nutella is food from the Gods!