20 degree drop?!

Hi friends! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! I dunno what is happening by you all , but the weather here is CRAZY! Thursday and Friday it was BEAUTIFUL: sunny and in the 40's. Today I wake up to a high of 20! At least it is still sunny out :)

Thursday after work I headed to the gym for another run. And guess what...no pain at all! It felt amazing. I wasn't sore at all yesterday either and am planning another run for this afternoon! I'm basically using the Galloway 5K training program. I am kind of shifting around my rest day (or days sometimes!) based on my schedule. Mainly my rest days will probably be Thursdays since starting now I will have work 7:30-4:30 and then run to class until 8:30pm! I was considering doing a 5K that is in mid April here, but haven't registered since I wanted to see how my training goes esp. with the initial pain I had! After another week or 2 if everything is going well I will sign up!! :)

After the gym on thursday I came home and made a new recipe! Spinach and artichoke lasagna!

makes an 8x8 casserole size:
-1/2 lb. whole wheat lasagna noodles
-pasta sauce (I just used the remainder of an already opened jar in the fridge...it was a little over 1/2 full)
-about 1 c. Mozz cheese [I think I might have dumped some extra on the top :)]
-5 oz. of frozen spinach (defrosted, dried and shopped)
- 5 oz. of canned artichoke heats diced
-1/2 of a ricotta cheese tub (I can't remember what size it was! haha)
-1 egg

cook lasagna noodles

while noodles are cooking mix together ricotta cheese, egg, spinach and artichokes

lightly grease an 8x8 casserole dish and then assemble! I first did a layer of sauce then noodles, then spinach mixture then noodles then sauce then shredded cheese and repeated! I then cooked it for about 35 mins. in a 350 degree oven.

Finished product:
I had one small piece with some garlic toast. And then went back for seconds! IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!

Friday morning I woke up and decided to do some yoga! I did a free 20 min. Gentle hatha yoga session from yoga download. It was such a nice and relaxing way to start my day! After that I made this little tower for b-fast:

2 Cinnamon whole grain waffles with 1 chopped banana and some pecans topped with a little light syrup. And some coffee :) These wafs. were pretty good. I liked the little hint of cinnamon in them!

Lunch on fri. was another new creation. I started off using this boxed rice mix I got some time ago.
While it was cooking I sauteed a chopped zucchini, some onion and some spinach in a pan. I then mixed it all together and topped with some parm. This was pretty good...a bit salty, but overall not bad for a boxed mix.And for dessert:OMG YUM! I loved this bar!
Then it was off to class for 3 hrs. Tons o' fun...
After class I snacked on an apple.
For dinner last night I met up with some of my sorority sisters! We went to Fionn MacCools Irish Pub! I got a cod sandwich and had one of my most FAVORITE drink combos ever a Snakebite! These are mainly only served at Irish pubs, but I have asked for the combo elsewhere too! It is 1/2 Harp and 1/2 Strongbow cider. AMAZING! It is a bit sweeter than a regular light beer, but def. not overpowering. I Totally recommend it!! :)

This morning I had a simple bowl of kashi and tried this tea:
It was OK. I wish it had a stronger lemony flavor. I added a little bit of honey which seemed to bring out more flavor, but it mainly tasted like warm flavor and a TINY hint of lemon.
Today's agenda includes more apt. searching with fiance and a trip to the gym! Have a fabulous Saturday!