Good afternoon!! I hope everyone had a fab monday. It is FREEZING here with snow flurries. It reminds me that Christmas is just a little over a week away!!! Actually, 1 week from today is when Fiance and I will be heading north to celebrate the holidays with our families :) SO EXCITED!

Now for an update on the eats! Yesterday for lunch I ate another sammy on a cheese roll. This bread is seriously SO yummy!! I also had an apple and a choc. brownie z-bar for dessert.

A co-worker brought in some treats for the holidays so I did eat 2 mini cookies around 6:30. When I got home from work I whipped up another veggie pizza.

This pizza was once again made on a whole wheat tortilla with some pizza sauce, sliced zucchini, diced tomatoes, mozz. cheese and some basil. DELISH! I also enjoyed a glass of red wine. It is finals week for the students at work and thus the library is CRAZY BUSY!!
This morning I woke up and just didn't feel like venturing out in the FREEZING cold to go to the gym. I ended up doing a lower body workout through exercise TV on demand. There were a bunch of awesome available workouts and I def. feel that I will be utilizing them throughout the brisk winter! After my workout I made breakfast consisting of 2 whole grain waffles w/ lite syrup and 1 sliced banana. YUM!

Look what came in the mail: STONYFIELD COUPS! YAY!
When I got to work I made some cranberry pomegranate green tea sweetened with honey. I feel like I kind of have the sniffles and DO NOT want to be sick for christmas! I am using the hand sanitizer like crazy trying to ward off any other germs! Any suggestions to ward off a cold??
I just ate a snack of some dried pineapples and cashews to last me until my break.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Sharon said...

Yah for coupons! :)

And mmm cheese rolls are awesome!

K said...

No cold suggestions from me, just rest and drink up!

Ugh the midwest is going through an ice age I think!! Don't freeze :)

Anonymous said...

Your veggie pizza looks delicious!

Jaime said...

pizza looks delish!!! :) i've heard good things about grapeseed extract and preventing colds --might be worth looking into! hope you dont get sick!!! xxo