Nutella Oats!

Good morning bloggers! Last night I slept A TON! [almost 9 hrs :)] I have always been the kind of girl who needs her full 8 hrs of sleep to function well during the day! My fiance NEVER seems to be tired and ALWAYS get way less sleep than I do! I don't understand how he does it?!? How much sleep do you need?

Since I ended up just eating snacky foods at work yesterday I was STARVING when I got home! I made a quick meal of blanched green beans, couscous and salad with carrots and croutons. I hadn't really ever made fresh green beans before! I always thought I didn't like them, but had some on Thanksgiving which were REALLY good and have been craving them since then. I decided to blanch them. I washed the beans and cut off the ends. I then heated a pot of water to boiling on the stove. I added the beans and left them in the boiling water for about 4 minutes or so. I really like beans cooked like this because they still have a bit of a crunch. I topped them with a bit of salt and pepper. 

My couscous had cheese and tuna in it. 

This morning I woke up well rested and craving some OATMEAL! Looking back over my posts I realized I actually hadn't eaten it in a long time! This morning I made a bowl of plain oats with equal parts water and milk. I added a cut up banana and topped them with some cinnamon and a spoonful of nutella! These were SO yummy! I feel like nutella makes every meal delicious. :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Sharon said...

Mmmm.. tuna! :)

I need about eight hours to get fully revved up in my day. As for now, I have been pulling about 6 hours. Oh well, I need to make it through three more days, and it'll be the holidays!

K said...

I get a solid 8 hours AT LEAST every night. At the most though I get 9 - that darn internal clock wakes me up!

I LOVE couscous! It's so under appreciated on the blog world :)

Anonymous said...

delicious eats! Thanks for your comment, love your blog too! I neeed to buy Nutella, it is SO good...I first had it in a crepe- needless to say I was in love :D

Anonymous said...

I like at least 7-8 hours of sleep. I need that to function properly throughout the day.

Nutella in oatmeal = yum!!!