Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas Eve!! Right now I am nice and safe, blogging from my parent's house!! Last night we ended up just staying in Indianapolis since the weather was so ICKY! It took me about an hour to get home when it normally only takes about 25! Traffic was crawling and it was pretty icy. I ended up sliding into a curve while pulling into fiance's apt. complex. EEK! Luckily my little Toyota was fine, but it was kind of scary! We ended up leaving this morning around 9. The weather was much better today, but it was still raining the whole time!

Now onto the eats:

Yesterday for lunch I was just trying to use up any leftover food so I ate an orange

and a whole wheat bagel with some honey nut cream cheese.....YUM!Since we ended up staying in Indy I started my evening with a beer.Since we had used up almost all of the food in both of our places we ended up making a frozen pizza. The only one fiance had was a sicilian one. It had 3 kinds of meat! UGH! I also made some frozen broccoli on the side. This pizza was really filling and I didn't end up eating the whole second piece. After a while I was craving some dessert so I enjoyed 2 candy cane joe joe's with a glass of milk. 

This morning I woke up and made an AWESOME b-fast of Apple pecan waffles.
I toasted 2 whole wheat waffles and topped them with chopped apple and pecans and some lite syrup. These were so easy, but SO delish!

When I got home my dad had already prepared lunch. Minnesota minestrone! This is one of my favorite meals because my fam. makes it chock full of goodies! I'm not sure of the exact amounts, but it included:
whole wheat pasta
lean ground beef
sliced zucchini
canned tomatoes
I topped mine with a bit of parm and had 1 slice of loraine swiss on the side. I LOVE THIS CHEESE! I also had a dessert of 1/2 a cheesecake brownie, but I don't know what happened to the picture!

Well now I am off to relax around the house, watch some christmas movies and have some celebrations tonight! :)


K said...

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound (even though there were a few bumps)! Those waffles look restaurant quality!


Sharon said...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Enjoy the movie!

Jaime said...

yummy eats! have a great holiday lady!