Google reader = amazingness!

It is BEAUTIFUL outside today! Really sunny and in the 40's. (which is amazing weather for Dec. in the midwest!) Work is going kind of slow today. UGH! At least the rumor is we are getting out early tomorrow and Thurs. is a holiday! Paid holidays are one of the best things in the working world :) Now, let me recap the eats!

Yesterday I ate a mid morning snack at about 10:30. I had an Almond crunch bar! The first time I had one of these they were just ok, but I am really starting to like them! It has a really good balance of sweet and salty and is pretty filling. It also has 6g. protein!

Lunch featured a toasty sammy on this new bread:
This bread is SO good! It tastes really hearty and has good flavor. My sammy had swiss cheese and turkey. Pre toast photo:
Along with my sammy I had an apple. I also tried o'soy yogurt in Strawberry. I was NOT a fan of this! I don't know what it was, but the flavor was incredibly strange. I had like 2 bites and then just tossed it.
After work I had some TJ's plain greek yogurt with a handful of cinnamon puffins.
Dinner was a piece of pork with some cinnamon chipotle seasoning, broccoli and 1/2 of a microwaved sweet potato topped with some brown sugar.
After dinner fiance and I ran a bunch of errands doing returning and exchanging of some Christmas presents. We also stopped at the gym when I did the stair master, biked and a few leg machines.
Later on while watching some TV I snacked on some popcorn.

This morning was another early day. For breakfast I had a bowl of puffins with 1 sliced banana as well as unpictured coffee.

The rest of my eats have been exactly the same as yesterday! Almond crunch bar for snack. Toasted sammy and an apple for lunch. Boring , huh? I will try and spice things up here soon!!!!
I FINALLY put all my favorite blogs into my google reader! I have been meaning to do it for like a month and just got around to it. Oh my gosh...I don't know how I lasted so long not using it! It makes it insanely easy to stay up to date with your favorites...I have been sneakily checking it all day at work! :)


Sharon said...

Yes, google reader is awesome! Glad you have full easy access to blogs! I love it too.

And mmm, now you are making me want a sandwich.

K said...

That bread is really good - the kind that's in a bag just like that but is purple instead of red is sehr gut, auch!

GR is a gift from heaven, enjoy it :)

Danielle said...

I. must. start using google reader

Thanks for the reminder :) happy new year!