Good evening! Today was a LONG day! I was hoping to get out of class a tad early since it was our last day, but no such luck! AT least I am done with it :) Tomorrow I have to finish up some online posts and my final paper for my online class then I just have 1 more paper due next thursday and I am officially done until January! 

This morning at work I had a kashi bar for a snack:

Lunch was a roasted veggie pasta. I roasted some zucchini and carrots in the oven then tossed them with some olive oil, whole wheat pasta and topped with parm cheese.  (I opened the wrong side of the parm and accidently dumped a bunch on! It made it taste delicious!)

I also ate a banana!

During my break at class I went to eat the z-bar I thought I had brought with me and TRAGEDY it wasn't there! AHHHHH! I was starving and had to get something to eat so I headed to the vending machines. This was the healthiest thing I could find in there. I am normally not a fan of Nutri-grain bars, but this wasn't bad. The ingredients list was full of icky things...HFCS! ick.

For dinner I had a piece of pork which fiance cooked up in a pan with some seasonings. On the side I had some green beans cooked in a bit of butter with some salt and pepper on them and a piece of multi grain toast. YUM!

Oh and I just had a large spoonful of peanut butter for dessert :) Now I am relaxing with a glass of wine!

Did you check out my blog additions!?! I am now a Foodbuzz featured publisher!!!! :) :) :)


amy. said...

A spoonful of PB is the perfect dessert!

Lovely looking meals, and I'm glad you are almost done with all of your assingments. I love your roasted veggies + tlc granola bar. yummm :)

Sharon said...

Gotta love Foodbuzz!

Great eats!

Anonymous said...

Peanut butter + wine = Perfect!

K said...

Your lunch is AMAZING!

I hate those emergency trips to the vendo :(

Congrats on almost being done for the semester!