Wednesday = Friday!

Morning! Sorry for no post last night I was too exhausted!! I am SUPER pumped that today is my last work day before the holiday. :)

Yesterday at work for a snack I ate a Clif Bar. I also had a few walnuts, but no picture of them.

For dinner fiance and I got a Brooklyn style pizza. It had HUGE pepperonis and a really thin crust. I had two slices along with a salad topped with green pepper.
This morning I had a whole wheat english muffin with pb and some pineapple chunks. When I got to work I made myself a cup of coffee. My office has free coffee available ALL day long! It is nice on really cold mornings or days when I am really tired and need a pick me up.

Today after work I have to run home finish packing and am then meeting my family for dinner!! My mom, dad and younger brother live in northern IN and are coming to Indianapolis to have Thanksgiving at my sister and brother-in-laws house (They also live in Indy). Since I will be gone with fiance's family for turkey day we will be going out to eat tonight. I'm really excited to get to see them!! I am super close with my family and love spending time with them :)

Well I hope everyone has a fabulous 'friday'!


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小海 said...
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Sharon said...

Wow, thanks so like fun - Spending time with family has always been wonderful! Enjoy your time with family - can't wait to hear more about the fun times!

And mmmm, pizza looks delicious.

amy. said...

hey jill! lovely food for the day! enjoy your break/holday, too :)
you asked about my nailpolish!
its OPI "louvre me, louvre me not" from the new french/parisian themed collection! i highly recommend it <3